Edmonds workshop aims to help artists create a second income


If you’re an artist who is thinking about starting a business, a weekend workshop in Edmonds has been created just for you — and the early bird price-break registration deadline is Jan. 15.

Taught by Olympia artist Pam Corwin, artist and owner of Paper Scissors Rock, and Manya Vee, jewelry designer and owner of Manya Vee Selects in Edmonds, the workshop is aimed at helping artists take their business to the next level. It will be held March 12 and 13, at ArtWorks in Edmonds.

The weekend seminar includes classes on selling craftworks in retail settings as well as through wholesale outlets. Pricing and marketing tips will be addressed, as well as ideas on how to make a display stand out in the middle of a crowded crafts show.  There will be an opportunity to hear the stories of other artists who earn their living through selling their art and learn from their experience.  In addition, a panel of art gallery owners will share their tips, insights and knowledge.

One of the most valuable parts of the weekend is the opportunity for each artist to get individual consultations from Corwin, and Manya Vee as well as the guest artists and retailers. This includes tips on how to price things, marketing, packaging, developing a cohesive line and where the best target markets lie. All this from experts who are in that area of business already and are there to offer feedback and encouragement.

To register for this weekend seminar, and to take advantage of the early-bird price break,  visit www.businessofcrafts.com, call Pam Corwin at 360-357-3480, or email Manya Vee at [email protected]. Registration deadline is Feb 15.

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