From The Seattle Times: Pot dispensaries sprout statewide


While the Edmonds City Council voted Jan. 17 to place a temporary moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries, Sunday’s Seattle Times reports that in the past seven months, dispensaries have sprouted across the state.

The dispensaries are exploiting a loophole in the state medical-marijuana law that neither explicitly allows nor prohibits them. State tax officials estimate at least 120 are open, mostly in the Puget Sound area, The Times said, while dozens more likely remain underground.

The rapid expansion of out-in-the-open pot businesses exploits the vagueness of the state’s 1998 voter-approved medical-marijuana law. The Times notes, but the Legislature is considering a bill, SB 5073, would legalize, regulate and tax dispensaries and create the state’s first authorized commercial marijuana farms.

You can read the complete story here.

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