Parents invited to Edmonds’ Superintendent’s Roundtable Wednesday

Edmonds School District parents are invited to this month’s Superintendent’s Roundtable this Wednesday, Jan. 12 from noon to 1 p.m. at the district’s Educational Service Center. The topic is “Role of Federal Money in Our Schools: AYP and Stimulus Dollars.”

Panelists featured for the roundtable include:
– Bill McKeighen, Budget and Finance Manager
– Nancy Katims, Assessment and Research Director
– Katy Wysocki, Student Services Director
– Charlotte Beyer, Cedar Valley Community School Principal
– Margaret Mesaros, Spruce Elementary Principal
– Dan Davis, Meadowdale Elementary Principal

The Educational Service Center is located at 20420 68th Ave. W., Lynnwood.

  1. Hi Priya, Dr. Brossoit from Edmonds trys to use a number forums to keep folks informed of school district happenings. He is always making himself available at individual schools, PTA meetings, and school board meetings. He is one of the most accessable Supts around. The Round Table sessions, where all are welcome, are designed to reach out to the community and many who attend are not part of the other regular school groups. As a taxpayer with no kids in school this is one of the ways to stay informed about school issues. I really appreciate the opportunity to stay somewhat informed to really see how well our taxes are being used for schools. Sorry your schedule will not allow you to attend but is is helpful for the rest of us who have less access to school issues.

  2. I’m another citizen like Darrol who regularly attends Superintendent Brossoit’s monthly roundtables. It’s 30 years since I’ve had any children in school, so this is the only opportunity I have to assess what’s happening with the more than 60% of our property taxes that goes to schools. The school administration has earned my confidence as a very open and responsive organization.

    Those who are unable to get to the roundtables can get their info thru the channels mentioned by Darrel, and also simply by contacting the school district office.

  3. Thank you Darrol. I am glad that you are available to attend this type of meeting. However, if the school district and the school wanted to accommodate working parents, they would hold functions on the weekends instead of after school or during the dinner hours. He may be accessible through a variety of channels but, he is not accessible to working parents. Most of the school events are perfect for a household where at least one parent stays at home. However, in most families, both parents work full time. The District could easily up its parent interest by considering single parent households or households where both parents work.

  4. Hi Priya, I understand you issues and I am sure the disrtrict wants to provide information to all citizens. Ron and I go to keep in touch with what the district is doing to provide the best education it can with the limited resourses it has. While I cannot speak for Dr Brossoit, I am confident that if you were to call the district office and ask to have someone brief you on any school district issue or the issues discussed at the Round Table they would be only to happy to help. The district is at its best when they can help citizens understand how they are doing the tough job of educating our kids. The school district is a unique institution in that they rely on the public understanding how they do the job of education and the public must vote an a fairly regular basis to extend funding, so it is in their best interest to keep every on informed. If you need contact point or other thoughts of how to stay tuned in just respond and we can figure out a way to help you stay informed.

  5. Like many community members, I am not convinced that this school district cares about sharing real information with the public. These roundtable “discussions” have less to do with reality and more to do with maintaining the district illusion of success and spewing propaganda.

    I tend to question the actual level of engagement that attendees have at these meetings. By holding these gatherings during the school day, the District intentionally limits the involvement of people that will ask challenging questions (or puts them in the minority).

    We need to elevate the quality of our schools – supported by our taxes – so that our children can compete in an increasingly global environment AND actually make a difference in their respective fields.

    Like many others, I am not in the business of paying for mediocrity, but apparently that is all we can buy in this marketplace.

  6. Mark:
    I suspect that you have never attended a roundtable, or you would know that the superintendent invites, and answers, questions on anything to do with the school district.

  7. @ Ron: Perhaps Mark works for a living and cannot attend. I still haven’t heard a reason why these roundtables can’t be held at 1000am Saturday or 600pm Thursday. If they were rescheduled, the superintendent would be fielding somewhat harder questions from actual working parents. Sticking to midday Wednesday narrows the audience somewhat.

  8. Tom:
    I was reacting to Mark’s meritless criticism of ESD. And, by the way, the majority of the attendees at the roundtables are citizens who have children now attending school.

  9. If anyone wants to contact the Superintendent directly, here’s his contact info:

    Nick Brossoit
    Administrative Assistant: JoAnn Kerns (425-431-7003)

    Edmonds School District
    20420 68th Ave. W.
    Lynnwood, WA 98036

    If you want to make a credible complaint that he doesn’t listen, I’d suggest you document your attempts to contact him. If you have a hard question you think he hasn’t been asked in public, why not post it here so someone else can ask it at a roundtable?

    My experience with the Superintendent is similar to Ron Wambolt’s description above.

  10. Ron:

    I was writing from the perspective of a former employee that knows a lot more about how this district operates than a casual observer, attending these functions for no other reason than to update their collection of district fiction.

    I will agree that the majority of attendees “have children now attending school”, but I seek something more substantial than just “attendance”. I am still hopeful to one day see tangible results.

  11. Wow this discussing is certainly going down hill.

    To Mark Zandberg, Joe Morgan, Ron Walbolt and all the others talking about the access to school officials and meetings I call your attention to a very public event being held at Lynnwood HS tomorrow from 9 to noon. On the school district web site is a full list of activities associated with this event. Note that the school board members and the supt will be there to answer questions and take comments. Sounds like a weekend event that meets up with many of the schedules some of been concerned about. Also a quick look at the district web site has a schedule for other upcoming public events that will be hosted by the district and the Supt will be in there to take comments and answer questions.

    The Community Budget Meetings will be:

    March 30 at 7 pm at LHS (interpreters available)
    April 13 at 4 pm at Terrace High
    April 20 at 7pm at Meadowdale
    April 27 at 4 p.m. at EWH (interpreters available)

    I attend as many of the Round Table meetings as possible and I see some tough questions asked and answered at every session. Time is always allotted to Q and A and nothing is off limits. So if folks cannot attend the RT sessions then go to the event tomorrow or one of the other events listed above.

    The school board meetings also allow for public comment.

  12. On the contrary, “this discussing” has generated valuable information for readers that may not have otherwise known about these public meetings.

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