Coffee with Harry, times two!


In addition to the current meeting Friday featuring Lighthouse Law Group, City Attorney Scott Snyder has agreed to meet with interested Edmonds citizens at “Coffee with Harry” on Monday, Feb. 21, 3 p.m. at Chanterelle Restaurant, 316 Main St. At this Coffee, citizens are welcome to come and ask questions of Mr. Snyder and his bid to remain as City Attorney.

Find out why Ogden Murphy Wallace rates are higher than that of competitor, The Lighthouse Law Group, and the advantages to the city of keeping the same attorney that it’s had for over 27 years. Snyder promises to be open and honest and answer all questions. (Of course, he can’t answer questions about current litigations in process, but all questions about his firm and their bid are open.)

Standard Coffee with Harry rules apply. Chanterelle provides free coffee, and you buy anything else you want. You can ask any question you want but you must be courteous and respectful of others.

A special thank you to Brooke and the whole Chanterelle team. It shows a real sense of community that they allow us to have these Coffees in their restaurant. The service is great and the food excellent.

Don’t miss these two opportunities to meet the candidates for the City Attorney position. This is an opportunity you won’t find in any other city.


2 Replies to “Coffee with Harry, times two!”

  1. I made it to that,Scott didnt make it. My main questions were about there price. I did some research found out how many hours Scott is working on the basic stuff 180-200 per month. I pointed out that if they worked 200 hrs that $32000 was now $160.00 an hour and there is no money left for court contracts etc etc. They were confident that they would’nt have to put 200 hrs in the basic stuff the hours would be a lot less. Well if thats the case there number works. The merit to that is that Jeff T use to work for omw, so he is familiar how they do things, for his sake I hope he is right. They seemed like really nice people and good attorneys. I think Scott is a good attorney also, Im glad I do not have to vote


  2. Sorry Scott and sorry Harry I did’nt see that Scott was going to be there monday I thought it was today my mistake


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