Delivery truck driver seriously injured in downtown Edmonds Tuesday


A delivery truck driver was badly injured in downtown Edmonds Tuesday afternoon when he stepped out from behind his truck into the path of an oncoming vehicle, Edmonds police said Wednesday.

According to Edmonds police spokesperson Sgt. Don Anderson, police and Snohomish County Fire District No. 1 responded to a report of a car/pedestrian collision on 3rd Ave South and James Street  in downtown Edmonds Tuesday at 3:51pm.  The victin was a male delivery truck driver in his 40s, who suffered “significant” injuries and was transported by medic crews to Harborview, Anderson said.

A portion of 3rd Avenue South between Dayton and Main Street was closed for a period of time while the police department’s major collision investigation unit conducted its investigation. It did not appear that speed, drugs or alcohol were factors in the collision, Anderson said. 

No further information was available about the man’s condition as of Wednesday afternoon.

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  1. I have been Bertrand at the City to do something about slowing traffic in this area. We did a traffic count last summer and all the people we spoke to wanted flags or something to slow traffic while they cross to and from work. My prayers are to the victim.. Now I am on a BIGGER Quest to get something done


  2. This is a sad situation. The reality is that traffic moves much too fast in our entire downtown area, as well as in most other areas of our city. I find it strange that all too many drivers forget that they are somtimes also pedestrians.

    I hope that the delivery driver has a speedy recovery.


  3. The police didn’t provide many details, but I wonder whether slower traffic would have made a difference. If you suddenly step out from behind a truck, a car going 10MPH could kill you.

    There’s no marked crosswalk between Dayton and Main, and it’s not obvious that James is an intersection.

    Third Avenue is an arterial that carries ferry traffic. When I cross it, I’m really careful, knowing somebody might be distracted and in a rush to catch a ferry. In this case, the driver wasn’t even speeding.


  4. does anyone know what company he drove for? I have many “friends” who deliver to my office and would like to get in touch with family immediately if it is someone I know. thx


    1. Mike – I’m not sure if you ever found this out but I was talking with a couple of police officers yesterday, including one of them who responded to the scene, and he didn’t remember the name. However, they both told me that sadly, the delivery driver did die a few days ago.


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