Driveway sealant adding toxic pollutants to Lake Ballinger


According to a story from The Seattle Times that was reported on MLT News, a recent U.S. Geologic Survey study showed that the largest contributor to the rise of a toxic pollutant in urban lakes and reservoirs across America — including Lake Ballinger — is black sealant sprayed on driveways and parking lots.

The Seattle Times reports that the research was based on a sampling of sediments from the bottom of 40 lakes and reservoirs in commercial and residential areas in cities and suburbs typical of where most Americans live — not near old industrial sites.

Lake Ballinger had 16.61 milligrams per kilogram total PAH, with 11.83 from sealant.

Though this is considered high, according to the USGS, the Probable Effect Concentration, or the concentration that is expected to harm bottom-dwelling plants and animals, is 22.8 milligrams per kilogram of sediment, The Times said.

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