Edmonds police conduct firearms safety class for children

Sgt. Ken Ploeger conducts a firearms safety class for children and their parents Wednesday. (Photo courtesy of the Edmonds Police Department)

On Wednesday afternoon, Edmonds Police Department Sgt. Ken Ploeger hosted an informal firearms safety presentation for 30 children and their parents aimed at  helping to educate kids on what to do in the presence of firearms.

The presentation was inspired by an incident in late January, when an Edmonds resident brought  into the  police department a loaded pistol that his 6-year-old son had found in the dirt and bushes while playing in the family’s cul-de-sac.  According to a police department news release, the pistol was a small, .22 caliber “derringer” type of handgun that the neighborhood children thought was a toy and played with it before bringing it home to show their parents. 

It turned out that the pistol was not a toy and in fact was loaded with four live .22 caliber bullets. “Fortunately the pistol was so badly corroded that it was not operational and no one was hurt,” the news release said.

“Feedback from the parents was very positive and it opened up avenues of conversation enabling the parents to speak specifically and openly with their children about the actions they should take when they find a firearm or when someone shows them a firearm,” the police department said.

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  1. Thank you Sgt. Ken Ploeger! This was a helpfuyl and informative meeting for the kids and parents that attended. I would like to see something offered 3 or 4 times a year to Edmonds children.


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