A joyous homecoming Monday as Scott West returns from Japan


We had reported on Saturday about the efforts of Edmonds resident Scott West to return  home after being in Northern Japan as part of his work with the Sea Shepherd society and experiencing  the earthquake and resulting tsunami last week.

On Monday, West and other Sea Shepherd Society members — who had been in Japan as “Guardians” to monitor the capture and killing of dolphins — arrived at Sea-Tac airport, to the joy of their families who were there to greet them.  

We’ve included a first-hand report  here of Monday’s homecoming from West’s 17-year-daughter Elora, who spent time in Japan with her dad last fall:

Scott West, center, with other Sea Shepherd Soceity members after their arrival at Sea-Tac.

Yesterday afternoon my mom screamed and starting crying tears of joy when she learned that my dad, Marley, Carissa, Tarah, Mike, and Brian all had managed to get flights home! Friday, my dad and our friends had found themselves caught in Japan’s earthquake that lead to the Tsunami, nuclear destruction, and the wreckage of lives. 

What is going on in Japan is heartbreaking and devastating! We pray for everyone who survived and our heart goes out to the families who were ripped apart! I know that there has been a little criticism towards the Cove Guardians for not staying in Japan, but what could they do? All our friends were doing was taking resources and food away from those who live there and need it. Our family and friend’s homes are here… unfortunately the Japanese people’s home is there. No one deserves the damage that has happened in Japan, but having tourists and other people in Japan who are not trained for search and rescue and taking up resources is not productive in moving Japan forward. 

Thank you, to all of you who prayed for their safe return home!!!!

Far, Fast, and Deep,

Elora Malama West

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