Civil rights education bill, brainchild of Madrona K-8, moves forward

State Sen. Maralyn Chase with students from Edmonds' Madrona K-8 school.

Chalk up another victory for the MLK Group.

The  fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders from Madrona K-8 School in Edmonds saw their bill clear another hurdle Tuesday as Senate Bill 5174 received executive action from the House Committee on Education. The bill, sponsored by 32nd District Sen. Maralyn Chase, will now await a vote on the House floor.

The MLK Group came up with the idea for the bill, which encourages our state’s schools to teach the history of the civil rights movement, while preparing for an assembly celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The group has lobbied for its passage and made trips to Olympia in support of the measure.

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