DJ Wilson announces re-election bid for Edmonds City Council

DJ Wilson

Edmonds City Councilmember DJ Wilson has formally announced his bid for re-election to a second term.

“I am excited for the campaign to begin,” Wilson said. “I have already started fundraising, and will start doorbelling here in April.”

Wilson said he has already collected a list of prominent endorsements, including Congressman Jay Inslee, Edmonds Mayor Mike Cooper, and Rep. Marko Liias. Included on the list is Snohomish County Council Chairman Dave Somers, Everett City Council President Shannon Affholter, and the mayors of Mountlake Terrace, Lake Forest Park and Bothell.

“I am really pleased with the early and bipartisan support I’ve received so far in this campaign,” Wilson said. “People who know me know that I listen to the community and then do what I think is best. Some folks think my politics are hard to place, but I’m really just trying to represent the diversity found in the people of Edmonds.”

In a press release issued Monday, Wilson cited as major accomplishments his efforts to spearhead a cold weather shelter ordinance and his work as a member of the Lake Ballinger Forum, formed by local cities to address water quality and flooding issues throughout the watershed.

“I’m proud of the role I’ve played on the Council on behalf of the citizens of Edmonds,” Wilson said. “Council observers know that I work hard on the Council, and that I am always prepared.”

Wilson said he anticipates a crowded field of candidates on the ballot for the four councils seats up for election this fall, including his own. He plans an official campaign kickoff April 28, with Congressman Inslee as the speaker.

An Edmonds resident since 1999, Wilson runs a public affairs firm — Wilson Strategic — focused on health care and environmental policy. He and his wife Karianna have two children, 4-year-old Karsten and 2-year-old Annika.

9 Replies to “DJ Wilson announces re-election bid for Edmonds City Council”

  1. I am glad DJ is offering his time and talents for Edmonds. DJ is a good thinker and looks at the issues for a number of viewpoints before making his decisions. He is not afraid to take a stand on issues even if it may not be the most popular stand.


  2. Four reasons to replace DJ:

    1. Proposed a resolution to support Haakenson’s effort to CLOSE YOST POOL and CUT SENIOR CENTER FUNDING. Motion died for lack of second (council minutes 3/24/09)
    2. Threatened to build fences around city parks to keep citizens out in the event of a levy failure. Just think of the cost of this insane plan! Ridiculous!
    3. Proposed horse trading city ordinances with developers for a consideration. He called it Win win.
    4. Refuses to fully answer questions concerning his possible involvement in the failed Stephanie wright smear job.

    He has shown some improvement recently, probably because he now follows a different Mayor around like a puppy dog.
    Our city can do better than DJ. We need a leader, not a follower. There is a goodly number of superior candidates. Hopefully some will take the challenge.


  3. Hey Ray:

    instead of playing Monday Morning Quarterback and putting forth skewed information about DJ, why don’t you run? Let’s see if you can do it better.


  4. Priya,

    “Skewed” means twisted or distorted. Are you saying our Council minutes are “skewed” or are you just doing your ad hominem thing again as in attack, attack.

    Am I a politician? I think not. I probably wouldn’t enjoy or even be effective trying to be something other than myself. However, that doesent lessen my citizen’s right to speak out on candidates and issues. And I thank you for considering me a possible candidate, I’m flattered.

    In the meantime freely criticize, question, and challenge what I say or write.


  5. I think someone needs a refresher course on logical fallacies as I can’t spy an “ad hominem thing” anywhere. Insults and attacks; sure. Ad hominem thing; not so much.


  6. @ Ray:

    My first response to your response was “ROFLMAO”. I love it when you spew. I often bite my tongue because I don’t want to wind you up. But, this time, it was just fun!


  7. Priya.

    For you i have one question since you are apparently working for DJ’s campaign and he managed your failed attempt against Michael Plunkett:

    You will probably say this also is “skewed” yet it is a fact:

    D. J. Wilson as Council President appointed himself to the Community Transit board and then failed to attend or perform his own selected task. This resulted in the city losing our seat on the important CT Board, which we had been a member of since the inception of CT in the late 70s.

    Now I say that your campaign, managed by DJ, against Plunkett was not just “skewed” but contained a total falsehood.

    My question is: Did you or DJ prepare the false statement in your add saying that Plunkett had “voted for the infamous ‘cat leash laws’ 3 times” and listing 3 false dates for him doing so? (

    FACT: The one vote on the cat leash law occurred on may 15,2007: Voting for: Marin, Moore, Wambolt, Orvis and Olson. Voting against: Dawson and PLUNKETT!!!

    So are you responsible for this falsehood, or is DJ, or both of you?


  8. @Ray,

    I am too busy making money this year. I am not managing DJ’s campaign and for the record, he did not manage mine.

    And, sorry Ray, life is too good and I am too happy to let you drag me into the mud with you. There is an old saying that goes something like this: When you play in the mud with pigs, you get dirty and only the pig is happy.

    Have a great day! I will!!!!!



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