Edmonds’ A.V. Harrison Publishing announces release of ‘Mexico on a Motorcycle’


Emily Hill, an Edmonds-based Self-Publishing Coach and owner of A.V. Harrison Publishing, has announced a new title now available on Nook Color & Kindle for iPads, and soon to be available in soft cover: “Mexico On A Motorcycle: Riding Out The Recession.”

The ebook, by Mac Patrick, “is an exhilarating adventure that tells, in dazzling photography, of one man’s quest to ride the wind for 17,358 miles – from a BMW motorcycle,” Hill said.

Patrick is the pen name of a Pacific Northwest marine rigger and adventurer who set out on his trek on a crisp, clear November morning just after Thanksgiving 2009 to make it to the Sun Belt and beyond. Circumnavigating the coastlines of the southern United States, including Florida, he finally crossed into Mexico at Christmas time. His photography speaks to the reader of parades, festivals, glittering nights, and sun-bathed days.

According to Hill, Patrick “rode alone. But he wasn’t lonely. Hundreds of email messages were transmitted between himself, friends, and family members. His progress was tracked on a GPS system and broadcast over the internet to a wide circle ‘back home.'”A complete interview that Hill conducted with Patrick is available here.

The title is soon to be distributed in soft cover format through Amazon, and also Ingram’s which will make it available in Barnes & Noble stores nationwide.

Mexico On A Motorcycle: Riding Out The Recession is available on iBook formats, Kindle and Nook here.

Hill, who assists authors in self-publishing their works, herself authored “Jenkins: Confederate Blockade Runner,” a biographical novel that culminates 17 years of genealogy research and is based on the life of adventurer and Civil War blockade runner C. T. Jenkins. You can read the My Edmonds News interview Hill with Hill here, and her book can be ordered locally through the Edmonds Bookshop.

Hill also recently announced that she and another Edmonds resident, David Gross, have formed a publishing cooperative for fellow writers.


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