News release: Buckshnis announces election bid for Edmonds City Council Position 4


Diane Buckshnis, appointed to position No. 4, announced her candidacy for Edmonds City Council to a small group of friends at the home of Brian and Betty Larman.  “Diane has worked very hard these last two years and the citizens of Edmonds should be ecstatic that she is running for election,” stated Betty Larman.

Since January 2010, it has been evident that Buckshnis does her homework. Her research specifically in the area of financial reporting and policies was codified and unanimously passed by Council in April 2010. “Despite the fact that this ordinance was approved and I continued to work toward implementation, it never occurred; so my work is not done and I need your vote,” she said.

Buckshnis has a vision to build a stronger economic base for Edmonds and volunteered to be on the Economic Development Commission. She continues to be a strong advocate for all the work this Commission and Administration have proposed.  “I envision developing Edmonds as an economically viable destination town blending our historical charm with arts, sports and community events, and fine dining and shopping in all areas of Edmonds, not just the downtown waterfront.

“I strongly support our police, animal control, firefighters, paramedics and local public hospitals because they are of prime importance to all of our citizens as well as sources of community pride” she commented regarding accessible public health, sound regulations and safety institutions.

Buckshnis is deeply committed to the Edmonds community and continues to volunteer for many activities throughout the city.  Many may not be aware of her behind the scenes quiet work. She was able to convince the Parks and Recreation Department to allow for senior center discounts at the Francis Anderson Center. She initiated an “Adopt a Park Project” that helps our administration utilize volunteers to steward our parks. She has spent many hours researching information for the current levy committee and listened to many concerned citizens regarding the 2011 Budget and the City’s Financial Statements.

Buckshnis has worked tirelessly on our environmental front as well. She was instrumental in moving Edmonds Marsh to the three-year WRIA8 work plan which now allows Edmonds to apply for many local and federal grant opportunities. “I believe our natural resources are as important as our economic resources and want to continue to move this project forward” she commented.

Diane Buckshnis and her husband Steve Tholl plus two dogs, Buddy and Buster, have made Edmonds their home for over nine years. Diane welcomes you to learn more about her views by visiting her website.

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