Reminder: Edmonds egg hunts this Saturday

Children will have two opportunities for egg hunts in Edmonds Saturday:

The City of Edmonds is sponsoring its annual egg hunt at 10 a.m. Saturday at Edmonds City Park, 3rd and Howell. Bring your basket and hunt for magical golden eggs that win special prizes. Participation is free with nonperishable food donations. The egg hunt is for ages 0-10, with five separate age areas. Families are invited to bring cameras and take pictures with the Easter Bunny and the fire engine.

The city egg hunt is sponsored by Sound Women’s Care and Edmonds Parks & Recreation with support from Nama’s Candy Store, the Rotary Clubs of Edmonds and Snohomish County Fire District 1.  Call Edmonds Parks & Recreation at 425-771-0230 for more details.

Edmonds Lutheran Church is sponsoring the Great Hunt of 2011 with more than 10,000 eggs, 100 baskets, 100 golden eggs, juice and cookies from 9-11 a.m. Saturday. Songwriter/poet Eric Ode will tell stories, and all areas are sectioned off by age groups. Children from walkers to age 12 are welcome. The church is located at 23525 84th Ave. W., Edmonds.

  1. City of Edmonds! Have you ever heard of separation of church and state?! I’d like you to sponsor a function for Diwali, a Hindu holiday, next year. I’ll be calling you.

  2. Hey Priva:

    While I strongly support your view on the First Amendment to the Constitution, I can’t really support your idea that the city should ban public celebrations of religious holidays. Many of our holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, St Patricks Day, Mardi Gras) have historical religious roots, but the primary ways we celebrate them are completely detached from those religious roots. They’ve really become secular holidays.

    If you think about it, what kind of crazy mind introduced a rabbit carrying colored eggs and candy into this holiday? And the hunt isn’t even occurring on the Christian Sabbath. This celebration has erased every shred of religion except that it occurs the day before the Christian holiday.

    I really do hope you use your energy and enthusiasm to bring a Diwali celebration to Edmonds. Lighting candles and celebrating seems like a great way to erase some of the gloominess of a moonless Autumn evening. I’d love to learn more about the Hindu culture.

  3. Joe:

    I did not say that the City should ban public celebrations. I said that my tax dollars should not be used to support a particular religion. I would have not problem with this, if City resources were not being used. For example, the City park could have been reserved by a private party and I would have been fine with it.

    Your argument that the Egg Hunt is harmless is misplaced. Only those who study the Bible celebrate Easter. Easter Egg Hunt is a tradition of this holiday. Consequently, it is a function of Easter.

    As an aside, Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday. It is a historic holiday. I don’t know enough about ST. P’s Day or Mardi Gras to comment. However, Edmonds does not go out of its way to support those holidays.

    I have already contacted out Mayor about sponsoring a Diwali celebration. Glad to have your support.

  4. Clearly we disagree on whether traditional religious holidays are celebrated in Edmonds in a secular way consistent with the First Amendment. I’ll resist the temptation to further debate the details.

    I think you have a real opportunity to bring cultural diversity into the public sphere in Edmonds. We need that. Fighting against Christmas lights and Easter eggs is likely to hurt that cause, in my opinion. And it’s a battle you are unlikely to win.

  5. I hope everyone enjoys the Easter egg hunt. It’s fun to watch the kids running around and picking up eggs. I think the weather is going to cooperate too.

  6. Mr Anderson:

    Since you are running for counsel and are a Democrat, I ask you the following: how can the City expect tax payers to vote for a levy for critical services when we widdle our money away sponsoring functions tied to particular religious functions in violation of the separation of church and state clause of the US Constitution. Will you support other groups who come to the City requesting equal sponsorship of their religious functions?

  7. The Easter Egg hunt is fun for the kids. I don’t think there is any harm in that. I’m glad the City of Edmonds is organizing this event. I don’t celebrate Easter, but I am glad to take part in this event. My son will surely enjoy it and I’m glad Edmonds is offering such a fun and local event.

  8. Why is this conservation even taking place? I don’t see the connection here of God and State! Yes, it’s called an Easter Egg Hunt, But I’m pretty sure there’s no mention of an Easter bunnie in the Bible, nor Jesus hunting for eggs around the Nile for that matter…

    Its called Mass marketing!

  9. So, you are having and Egg Hunt on what day is this being held on?
    Just cancel the hunt all together and let those who believe and celebrate Easter be in charge of their own events.
    We have many beautiful churches and parks to reserve for such an event for an Easter Egg Hunt.
    As a child I never went to a park to hunt eggs we did this at home, my parents did this to occupy us while they prepared for Easter Dinner and the Guests.
    Why we have to have these events at parks and shopping malls is beyond me.
    The time spent driving there and back could be spent studying the bible or teaching or children about Easter, they have videos and books.
    We spend to much time worrying about how many eggs and prizes our kids will get at these silly Easter Egg Hunts and parents fight.
    Lets get back to what Easter is really about and spend some time at Sunday Church and at home with family and close friends.

    The malls who hold such events just do it to get your money hoping you will spend it while you are there, they do not Care or perhaps they do not even celebrate Easter they just want your $$$$$$.

    We will be spending it with family and will hide Easter Egg Dog Bones for the dogs.
    What will you be doing?


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