St. Alban’s offers Good Friday meditation while walking labyrinth


On Good Friday, April 22, St. Alban’s Episcopal Church invites all to experience meditating on the Stations of the Cross while walking a labyrinth. The grass labyrinth at St. Alban’s, located at 21405 82nd Pl. W., is around the back of the church and is always open.

Stations of the Cross –The fourteen stations represent the scriptural and traditional events of Jesus’ journey from condemnation before Pilate to his death on the Cross.

The Labyrinth Walk – Medieval Christians walked the labyrinth as an alternative to taking a hazardous pilgrimage to Jerusalem to walk in the “footsteps of Christ.”  Modern “pilgrims” walk the labyrinth path as one of many tools to enhance prayer, contemplation, meditation and/or personal growth. Church member Maryellen Young describes it as “a pattern with a purpose. Walking a labyrinth is a gift we give to ourselves because it offers us a chance to take time out from our busy lives, to leave schedules and stress behind. The labyrinth walk is popular with a growing number of people because of its simplicity and the ability to approach its paths on your own terms.

“Different from a maze (which has dead ends and false passages), the labyrinth has a single path that leads unerringly to the center,” Young said. “It shows us that no time or effort is ever wasted; if we stay the course, every step however circuitous, however many turns, however distant it seems, takes us closer to our goal. ”

St. Alban’s offers the Stations and the Labyrinth together as an opportunity to experience the passion of Christ on a personal level in an ancient, yet new way.  There is a booklet, “The Way of the Cross,” available at the entrance with meditations and prayers for each station. The Stations will be available from noon to 7 p.m. on Good Friday. Visitors are asked to sign the guest book so the church knows the labyrinth is being used and appreciated.


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