What do you think: Should the city sponsor an egg hunt?

Given the current discussion going on among My Edmonds News readers, we decided to take a poll:

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  1. I am all for the City sponsoring an egg hunt that does not coincide with Easter. The way the City has done it violates the separation of church and state clause of the Constitution.

  2. Most readers are going to find this message tedious and boring, but when I see the phrase “separation of church and state” misused over and over again, I feel I must comment.

    First of all a history/law lesson There is no “separation of church and state” clause in the Constitution. Obviously you’re referring to the part of the First Amendment that states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”. The phrase “separation between Church & State” was coined by Thomas Jefferson more than 8 years after the First Amendment was ratified. It didn’t appear in Supreme Court case law until 76 years after Jefferson said it.

    In established case law, the Supreme Court has allowed the government limited powers to observe religious holidays. For example, Christmas is a federal holiday. (Salaried government workers are paid with your tax dollars to not work on Christmas.) Christmas trees and even the Jewish Menorah are allowed in government funded displays. Our money states “In God We Trust”.

    You may not like what the Supreme Court says about the First Amendment, but the First Amendment means what they say it means. Article 3 of the Constitution assures us of that.

    In my opinion, anyone who thinks the courts will allow all of the above religious holiday practices and yet prohibit Christmas lights or an Easter egg hunt is foolish and wrong. It’s not clear to me that Edmonds even spent any money on the egg hunt – it has several sponsors.

    To those who read this far (hello – anyone here? I thought not) enjoy the fine spring weather that has finally arrived for the weekend! It’s great that the kids will have sunny weather to hunt for succulent secular eggs.

  3. Priya, please go and try to find that reference to church and state you like to throw around since it does not exist. I am not particularly religious but am not going to turn my nose up at something that brings families and communities together and provides a safe fun activity for the kids….after all it’s about them. I think you should take a poll with the kids and see how many actually know what it’s about.

    While you’re at it, can you please explain why you use one last name when posting these type of comments and another when you want to run for an office. Just kind of curious.

  4. I voted yes because an egg hunt is a fun, active activity for kids that gets them in a park. Ignore the religious issue, embrace personal fitness and joy, and focus on the future of our country – children.

    It also addresses the needs of low-income families who want to celebrate Easter but don’t have money for the traditional basket of treats for their children.

  5. To all:

    The phrase “separation of church and state” is a short cut that is rotinely used. I would like you to review the most recent decision on this matter which ended up with Chistmas trees taken down at sea tac. Look, the bottom line here is that if the City is going to give time to Easter, it should give time to notice other traditions like Ramadan, for example.

    And, Dana. Of course, it is none of your business but, I am now divorced and have gone back to my maiden name for all personal purposes. There is no big conspiracy going on. Don’t you feel stupid for asking?

  6. Andris:

    I hear you. But, shouldn’t the hunt be a function of the Church? There were many churches around town that had hunts yesterday.

    Regarding activites for families and kids, how about a Spring Carnival or Festival sponsored by the City instead?

  7. Since you brought it up, the Sea-Tac incident is a great example of an attempted abuse of the First Amendment. First of all, the courts did not get involved, so this incident did nothing to overturn the Supreme Court’s determination that holiday trees are a secular symbol.

    The Port of Seattle decided to remove the trees instead of facing litigation. The trees were removed because they saw this as the least expensive way out. There were no winners here – only losers.

    My challenge to you, Priya: will you do the hard work of finding and organizing sponsors for additional cultural events in Edmonds City Park? If you do, I’ll bet the City of Edmonds will support you. I’d like to see it happen. I’ll attend the events. It would make Edmonds a better place.

    But if all you are going to do is post angry messages and demand that the City do something, no good will come of it.

  8. I’m not at all angry. I’m just raising the issue. I haven’t demanded anything. I’ve just given examples. And, I think you have a great idea. I’ve already been in contact with the Mayor.

    And, let me raise one distinction: if a church sponsored a religious event at a public park, no establishment of religion. If government gives tax dollars to sponsor a religious function, then establishment of religion.

    Btw, conspiracy theorists, my roller derby name is Seriously Torqued.

  9. Roller derby? Wow! My mouth was just seriously torqued into a big smile. Thanks for the much-needed laugh!

  10. It seems like a lot of people are not aware that the Easter Egg Hunt was sponsored by Sound Women’s Care.

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