Darlene Stern to seek Lora Petso’s City Council seat

Darlene Stern

Stating it’s time “to bring some common sense back to the Council,” Darlene Stern on Wednesday announced her candidacy for the Edmonds City Council Position 7 seat currently occupied by Lora Petso.

Stern’s husband of 43 years, David Stern, was Edmonds police chief and Chamber of Commerce president until his death four years ago.

“After watching the Council during the last few years, it has been evident that many of their decisions lacked reasonable evidence of common sense,” she said. “With major budget and infrastructure problems facing Edmonds, we need councilmembers who will put aside the trivial issues and focus on solving the big ones. That is precisely what I intend to do.”

According to a campaign news release issued Wednesday, Stern has spent 32 years as an escrow company manager, supervising seven offices with 35-50 employees each.  She currently serves as a director of the Greater Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, as secretary of the Edmonds Police Foundation and president of her church. She is also the two-time president of her homeowners’ association.

“Edmonds is a city of great character, charm and beauty. To keep it that way takes leadership and a willingness to make tough decisions for the common good,” she said. “Change is inevitable, but with hard work and good old American common sense, we can manage that change so that it benefits us all.”

8 Replies to “Darlene Stern to seek Lora Petso’s City Council seat”

  1. Thank you so much Darlene for “stepping to the plate” and taking action to better our community! I wish you all the best and you definitely have my support!


  2. Darlene:

    I’m very pleased to see that you’ve taken on this very worthy challenge. Our city council needs people like you.


  3. I welcome Ms. Stern to the upcoming election. I hope we have more candidates emerging in the weeks remaining before the filing deadline. I admire the courage it takes to run for any public office.

    Ms. Stern has an impressive résumé. She has name recognition and has shown leadership skills and a record of working hard for the community. I’m sure she will quickly put together an impressive list of endorsements. For many people, especially those who know her, that will be more than enough to win their vote. If she was running for citizen of the year, she might have mine. But she’s running for City Council, so she’s going to have to do more than that to earn it.

    Her opening is the kind of campaign statement that really frustrates me. It tells me exactly nothing about how she’ll vote and what she’ll do to fix the problems she sees. I’m glad she’s anti trivia, pro common sense and is willing to make tough decisions, but I think those words describe her opponent as well. In fact if you ask any candidate anywhere in the world if they have those qualities you’d be unable to find anyone who said no.

    Ms. Stern probably picked the perfect candidate to run against. Lora Petso has a history of not campaigning and saying almost nothing about herself. But Ms. Petso has something that Ms. Stern lacks – a legislative record. There are imperfections there, no doubt. But if I don’t learn anything before November about how Ms. Stern is likely to vote on upcoming issues, my support will go to Ms. Petso, even if she says nothing more about herself.

    So I implore you Ms. Stern, to make this a campaign about policy, and not just a campaign about personalities and endorsements. I’ll be listening.


  4. Joe:

    Many of us reading this site view you as “a Johnny come lately”, because you’ve only appeared on the scene in the past several months. So I’m curious just how long you’ve been closely following the actions of our city government. When you refer to Ms. Petso’s legislative record, it would be valuable to know what period of time you’re acquainted with her record. Thanks.


  5. Ron,

    I respect you so I want to say this as politely as I can. Referring to me as a “Johnny come lately” is just an ad hominum argument and I’m not going to respond to it. If you disagree with something I said, please say so and be clear about it. I’m happy to defend my words when I think I’m right, and I’ve demonstrated that I apologize if it’s shown I’ve done someone wrong.

    If you think I need to prove myself worthy to comment on City Government, I ask you to simply ignore my comments. Otherwise, please judge my words based on their merits (or lack thereof) and not on the fact it was me who said them.

    As for Ms. Petso’s legislative record, I don’t think this article is the proper place to discuss it. I did not intend to either criticize or defend her record. I was merely pointing out that she has one. That gives me a basis on which to predict how she will vote in the future. I have no basis to make those predictions for Ms. Stern, so I’m hoping she’ll provide one.

    In case you or anyone else is worried that I’m laying the groundwork for some kind of role in City Government, let me put those fears to rest. If the City Council creates an Office of “Curmudgeon in Chief” I might consider applying, but otherwise I’m not interested. My tolerance for nonsense is much too low for me to succeed in City Government.


  6. Curmudgeon in Chief. Hmm… Think I will apply as well.

    I have known Darlene for several years, as a friend and fellow board member on the Chamber and Police Foundation. I know her to be a deliberative person who listens to and participates intelligently in discussions. If the topic is one she is not familiar with she learns about it.

    I think she will be a great addition to our city council.


  7. Joe:

    Perhaps it will surprise you that, based upon what you’ve written on this site during the last several months, I am disappointed that you are not interested in running for a city council position; I believe that you’d have more chance for success there than you would being named ” Curmudgeon in Chief” – you’d have a relatively massive amount of competition for such a position.

    I’m glad that you have an open mind, because when the campaign for council gets underway I’m confident that you’ll learn more than enough to cause you to support Ms. Stern.


  8. That was a really nice thing to say, Ron. I am truly flattered.

    I think I do have an open mind. I bear no grudges. I have no loyalty to any political party nor to any candidate or sitting officials. When Ms. Petso declared her candidacy last month I criticized her silence during prior campaigns. I want to learn as much as I can about all the candidates so I (and the rest of the voters) can make an informed decision. That’s what make democracy work.

    You’re probably right about the competition for “Curmudgeon in Chief”. Nonetheless, I’ll always enjoy the thought of having that title.


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