Dick’s reveals Facebook winners who will help break ground in Edmonds


The winners of the Dick’s Drive-In Facebook contest to see who will participate in Thursday’s Edmonds groundbreaking are in and — appropriately — at least three of them have Edmonds ties.

Dick’s asked their 154,000 Facebook fans to explain why they should join Dick’s Drive-Ins co-founder and namesake Dick Spady during the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Edmonds Drive-In. The groundbreaking will be at 10:30 a.m. Thursday in the northeast corner of the TOP Food on Highway 99 near 220th Street Southwest.

There were so many great entries in the contest, we had to pick the ‘lucky 7,'” Dick’s spokesperson Carrie Shaw said. The entries are below, and according to Shaw there are three known winners with Edmonds connections. Not everyone provided their name or information on where they lived, she said.

1967 – I’m a Dick’s veteran. I worked and was a trainer at the Dick’s in Lake City, Holman Road, Broadway, Wallingford, AND Bellevue; fastest “Malt Girl” in any store! Hung out there weekend nights with friends. Five generations of my family have eaten there! Memories!! What more can I say? LOVE YOU GUYS!!
Terry Gould, Everett
“Since the womb.” My mom had Dick’s while pregnant with me…it’s in my blood. I’ve gone there once a week all my life. Our wedding rehearsal dinner was all Dick’s cheeseburgers, Dick’s paper hat and Dick’s gift certificates on each place setting. I have a collection of all the memorabilia.  And, now I’m teaching my 3 and 5-year old boys the joys of Dick’s Drive-Ins. They love Dick’s!
Aaron Soderlund, Redmond
As a little girl you were the burger, fries & milkshake to brighten my day
As a teenager you were the spot to hang with friends
As a parent you are the delicious meal that can feed a family of 4 for less than $20
Paula Johnson
Every special event in our family ends with a Dick’s milkshake. Every time we say something at exactly the same, the first person to yell, “jinx you owe me a Dick’s shake,” gets a free milkshake. We’ve visited Children’s Hospital 100s of times in the past 10 years for health issues involving my kids including a spinal injury in January. It always lightens the load for my 13 year-old to stop for fries and shakes at Dick’s when we leave the hospital.
Kim Smith, Edmonds
I have lived and grown up in the Seattle area for 53 years. The first Dick’s my family went to was Holman Road. When I moved out of the house I lived near the Queen Anne Dick’s and then the Capitol Hill Dick’s. I now live in Marysville and feel very cheated.
My dad who first introduced me to your fabulous cheeseburgers just happens to live in Edmonds. It would mean the world to me to be able to break the ground for the new Dick’s with MY DAD! I would love to give this treat to my dad for Father’s Day.
Ronda Grazen, Marysville
I grew up in Edmonds and now I take my kids to Dick’s. My daughter was born last week weighing 1 pound and 14 ounces! She will be at Swedish NICU for about three month. Leaving the hospital and going to Dick’s on Broadway is our favorite thing to do!
Michael Ballou
I’d love to be the one to break ground for a few reasons. First, I was born on the 40th anniversary of the first Dick’s (Jan. 28th 1994). Plus, I’d be much cooler on the street! I love Dick’s…that’s all there is to it! Love it!!
Ruby Reagan

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  1. Being a former Broadway Bunch kid spanging outside on Broadway at East Denny Street… Dick’s never criticized our look as we sombered up to the window and tossed handfuls of change to by a delicious Dick’s Burger, sometimes the only meal that day. Now, off the streets, feel grateful for Broadway Dick’s for being a important part of my life. Thanks.


  2. DICKS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!! I REMEMBER BEING IN NORWAY IN 93 AND COULDN’T WAIT TO GET HOME FOR A DELUXE!!! OR 5! I Goto dicks everytime im in Seattle..I won’t leave Seattle without going to Dicks!! THANK GOD WE ARE FINALLY GETTING ONE UP NORTH!!


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