Edmonds-based Hazel Miller Foundation awards more grants to youth programs


The Edmonds-based Hazel Miller Foundation has announced its second cycle of grant awards in 2011, with donations to South Snohomish County community service organizations, educational services and youth programming.

The following organizations received grants: Lynndale Elementary School, Sno-King Youth Club, Annie’s Community Kitchen, Rotary Club of Edmonds Daybreakers Foundation, the Cascade Symphony Orchestra and the Edmonds Center for the Arts. It has also made a challenge grant to the Martha Lake Elementary PTA. Grant details are as follows:

Family Center of South Snohomish County (a service of Lutheran Community Services Northwest) has received $5,000 for its Back to School Resource Fair, which supplies 500 students from Edmond’s School District’s higher-need families with back-to-school supplies.

Lynndale Elementary School has received $10,000 to support the growth of its After School Academic Enrichment, which serves over 125 students per term with instruction including a mentoring partnership with seniors from Meadowdale High School.

Sno-King Youth Club received $3,000 for the Scholarship Program which ensures that every child has an opportunity to participate in organized sports regardless of their ability to pay the cost of involvement. Sno-King also received $3,000 for the purchase of electronic scoreboards to replace its antiquated clock and card system.

Annie’s Community Kitchen (in the care of Edmonds Lutheran Church) received $5,000 in support of its weekly hot meal program, offered free of charge and made almost entirely from donated and “gleaned” food. Funds will be used to purchase additional cooking equipment, in the creation of materials used for networking and training, and for a recognition luncheon to honor its volunteers and donors.

Rotary Club of Edmonds, Daybreakers Foundation received $5,000 in support of the Edmonds Jazz Connection, a free public event featuring musicians from Edmonds School District and Community College held this year on May 28 in downtown Edmonds. Supported entirely by donations, proceeds of this event benefit a variety of youth focused efforts including music scholarships for seniors, instruments for disadvantaged youth, and student travel to music competitions.

Cascade Symphony Orchestra received $4,000 for the opening concerts marking the beginning of the orchestra’s 50th season anniversary featuring European music and travel guru Rick Steves Oct. 23 and 24 at Edmonds Center for the Arts.

Edmonds Center for the Arts received $24,650 in support of its Student Matinee Series, which reaches out to students in the Edmonds school district who may otherwise lose exposure to the performing arts. This program will grow from one subsidized show per year
to four, with curriculum tie-ins for teachers in non-humanities subjects. There will also be one evening performance free of charge for students and families that cannot afford the subsidized cost. The program is expected to serve  3,000 students.

Finally, to encourage community support and involvement, the Hazel Miller Foundation has made a challenge grant to the Martha Lake Elementary PTA for the playground remodel at Martha Lake Elementary School. This grant will match gifts made for this project by individuals or businesses in the community between May 1 and June 3, up to a total of $20,000.

The Hazel Miller Foundation is dedicated to serving the citizens of Edmonds and South Snohomish County through programs and projects that serve the public’s benefit, especially in the areas of education and youth services, poverty alleviation and hunger, civic and community services and amenities, the environment, and culture and the arts. Hazel and her husband, Morris Miller, were committed members of the Edmonds community. For more information, visit the foundation website.

3 Replies to “Edmonds-based Hazel Miller Foundation awards more grants to youth programs”

  1. Thank you to Hazel Miller and family for their support to our community and its citizens. There contrabutions help to keep our community in good standing and promote exzemplary students.


  2. Thanks to everyone involved in the Hazel Miller Foundation. Your grants make so much possible for kids, families and communities. The financial support is real and tangible, but the harder to measure gifts of encouragement, commitment and affirmation boost the morale and feeds the spirit of those attempting to serve with these programs. Thank you for your partnership in building a better world for our kids and families! You make a wonderful difference!


  3. Many thanks to the Hazel Miller Foundation and it’s support of the Edmonds Jazz Connection. We’re thrilled to have their support of this wonderful festival that spotlights the hard work by our talented student musicians while providing further support for local school music programs and scholarships for students pursuing music education after high school.

    For more information about the Edmonds Jazz Connection please visit: https://www.jazzconnection.org


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