Edmonds police say they have identified suspect in hoax call


Edmonds police said today that they have a suspect in last week’s hoax call that claimed shots were being fired at Edmonds-Woodway High School — and it is not an EWHS student.

“”We have identified a suspect through phone records but attempts at contacting this individual have been unsuccessful up to this point,” Edmonds Police Sgt. Don Anderson told My Edmonds News.  “While I cannot provide the identity of the person (because he has not officially been charged with a crime) I can tell you that the individual we suspect as being responsible for the phone call to 911 is not a student at EWHS.”

As a result of the May 10 call made to 911,  police placed four Edmonds-area public schools — Edmonds-Woodway, College Place Middle and Elementary School and Chase Lake Elementary School — in lockdown while they searched the high school and determined the call was a hoax.

Edmonds School District spokeswoman D.J. Jakala praised the police for their quick response to what could have been a very serious incident, noting they were on site within three minutes of receiving the call.

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