Edmonds RV writer quoted in Reuters article on ‘Entreprenuers Going Mobile’


Chuck Woodbury, owner of Edmonds-based RVBookstore.com, was quoted in a Reuters article earlier this week, Winnebagos and sailboats: Entrepreneurs going mobile, about the trend of business people now working remotely, allowing for productivity in unusual locations. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“You don’t feel the isolation that you used to,” said Woodbury, a self-employed writer who began his stint as a road warrior nearly 25 years ago in an RV outfitted with a manual typewriter. “You were completely cut off.”

Still maintaining his roving work style today, the 63-year-old writes RVTravel Newsletter, a popular email bulletin on the recreational lifestyle, and runs a small publishing house that produces books on the topic. Even with four employees and a warehouse outside of Seattle, Woodbury still works from the road a large portion of the year.

“I can get up and move whenever I want,” he said. “I thrive on being on the road.”


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