My Edmonds Food: Here & There Grill serving Edmonds most Saturdays

Julie Malcolm and her Here and There Grill.

By Lara Alexander

More of Here & There is always a good thing!

The Here & There mobile food truck will be serving saucy sandwiches and flavorful salads to Edmonds on most Saturdays through the summer. Owner Julie Malcom already parks her bright orange mobile grill truck on 4th and Dayton every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Now, families can walk down after the farmers market on Saturdays and grab lunch to take to the beach or eat on the go. You can expect her there from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., unless she is booked for a private event. Be sure to grab extra napkins! Follow Here & There on twitter @heretheregrill or check their website to stay up to date on their menu and whereabouts.

More than radishes at the farmers market

The Edmonds farmers market is gearing up for its third week f the year tomorrow. If you think that all you can find at the market in spring are radishes and kale, think again! The market is packed with booths selling flowers, fresh fruit pies, honey, bread, fresh pasta, kettle corn, smoked salmon, pasture raised lamb and beef, chicken and duck eggs, and plenty of produce including asparagus, spicy and mild salad mixes, green garlic, mushrooms, sorrel, herbs, and of course radishes and kale too!

For market shoppers looking for a deal as well as convenience, Five Acre Farm offers weekly produce boxes ready for pick up at the market on Saturdays. They grow a wide variety of produce on their 5 acre Whidbey Island farm and on the additional Eastern Washington land they have started, in order to add heat lovers such as tomatoes to their boxes.

A culinary adventurer, Lara Alexander grows, cooks and writes about food from her home in Edmonds. You can read about her garden and kitchen fun on the blog Food-Soil-Thread.


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