Proclamation honoring Michael Reagan


WHEREAS, In the true Marine tradition of never leaving a man behind, Michael Reagan has made it his life’s work to immortalize our nation’s fallen service men and women through the Fallen Heroes Project; and

WHEREAS, A former Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War, Mr. Reagan has honored the Marine tradition of paying tribute to fallen soldiers through his art; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Reagan’s true calling began 5 years ago when a young widow commissioned him to draw a portrait of the husband she lost in the Iraq War; and

WHEREAS, As a combat veteran himself, Mr. Reagan understands the horrors of war and holds a great respect for those who have given their lives in service of our country; and

WHEREAS, He refused payment for the portrait and committed himself to providing surviving families with portraits of every man and woman killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; and

WHEREAS, To date, Mr. Reagan has completed over 2,400 portraits of our country’s service men and women, helping to bring those home who have made the ultimate sacrifice; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Reagan has spent his lifetime serving our country, not just during the Vietnam
War and as a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8870 in Edmonds, but also through his work raising more than 10 million dollars for charities throughout our state; and

NOW, THEREFORE, I Mike Cooper, Mayor,  proclaim May 31, 2011 as Michael Reagan Appreciation Day in the City of Edmonds and ask all our residents to join me in thanking Mr. Reagan for his tireless efforts with the Fallen Hero’s Project.

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  1. A fitting tribute for an outstanding soul.

    I have never shed as many tears at a Memorial Day Celebration as I did yesterday when Mr. Reagan shared his stories.

    As tragic as his stories are, the purpose and importance of Mr. Reagan’s unselfish gifts are clear. He brings loved ones home from war with his portraits.

    Bless this man and his supportive family.


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