Son involved in diving tragedy asks for help in finding father’s camera


Frank Dold, the son of the Edmonds diver who died Saturday at Brackett’s Landing, posted the following message to My Edmonds News today:

“I am writing in regards to the tragedy that happened at the underwater park on Saturday, May 21. My father was the diver who died tragically, he had a disposable underwater camera on his wrist. Neither the medical examiner nor the police department have the camera in evidence, so it is possible it was lost or forgotten during the commotion. This camera means a great deal to me and my family, it was the last moments I had with my father,” he said.

If you found the camera or have additional information, please respond to this post or contact the Edmonds Police Department.

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  1. The community is so sad to hear of your father’s passing at the scuba park. I personally lost a friend there in the recent past, and have been waiting patiently to hear the identity of the dear soul who lost his life there last week. I can only imagine what horror and sadness you and your family are enveloped in right now. Please know we collectively all hold you in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. ( And hope you find the camera that offers that photographic glimpse of the last chapter of your father’s life). Blessings.


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