Welcome to new sponsor Derek Johnson, author of ‘Bow Down to Willingham’


Bow Down To Willingham
My Edmonds News welcome its newest sponsor, author Derek Johnson, who recently published “Bow Down to Willingham.” The book  “presents a shocking side” of ex-Washington Huskies football coach Tyrone Willingham that was only seen by Washington Huskies players, Johnson said.

Johnson, a former Edmonds resident and long-time UW football fan, has written two other books about Husky football:  “Husky Football in the Don James Era,” published in 2007, and “The Dawgs of War: a Remembrance,” published in 2009.

More information about “Bow Down to Willingham” and Johnson’s other books can be found on his website.

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  1. I haven’t read the book or know anything that happened, other than the fact that they lost a lot of games was it willinghams fault lets go to the start everything started with billy joe hobert it kind of got fixed with slick Rick then he gambled and destroyed everything, so if your going to be calling out people who destroyed the football program call out the people who did the damage billy joe and slick rick, it was a mess when willingham got there




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