Work or go to school in King County? You can take this survey

Note: We confirmed that those living in Edmonds can take this survey if they work or go to school in King County.

Dear Editor:
While some bright spots are emerging in our local economy, many communities continue to feel economic distress and local governments continue to deal with budget shortfalls that include cuts in services and vital programs. Citizens throughout King County are asking the question, “How can we do better, especially in those communities hit hardest by the recession?”

Your county leaders want to hear from you about what you need to be safe, healthy and successful – no matter where you live, your income level, your age or ethnic background.
That is why Countywide Community Forums (CCF) is providing both neighborhood-based forums and online tools for you to share your opinions with county decision-makers now through May 29th. This process is designed to give you an easy, educational and enjoyable opportunity to be heard on important issues.

Community values and hands-on democracy have been a passion of mine for over 40 years. Our sense of community is about how we connect to each other and influence larger social trends through the choices we make. Countywide Community Forums is about making the democratic process more accessible and using technology in ways that strengthen our civic infrastructure. That is why Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants underwrites the CCF program. It is one of the ways we invest back into a community that has been so good to our family.

Join me in this important conversation about our community. You can take the online survey and learn more at or call toll free at 800-369-2584.
Dick Spady
Co-founder and President
Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.

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