Earling launches mayoral campaign with promise to provide Edmonds with direction

Dave Earling listens as ex-Edmonds Mayor Gary Haakenson introduces him at Arista Wine Cellar.
Earling with Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon.

Declaring that the current Edmonds City Council and Mayor are “rudderless,” Dave Earling launched his campaign for Mayor of Edmonds to about 100 supporters gathered at Arista Wine Cellars Thursday night.

Among those in the crowd were current and former elected officials (although no current Edmonds City Councilmembers) including the Snohomish County Executive, Democrat Aaron Reardon, and his Republican challenger Mike Hope.

While the Edmonds mayoral and city council positions are non-partisan, former Edmonds Mayor Gary Haakenson, who introduced Earling, said it’s important for the mayor “to be able to cross over party lines to make decisions.”

“We all know that Dave’s a Republican,” Haakenson said. “As I look around at all the people I know, there’s a mix of Democrats and Republicans this room like I’ve never seen for a candidate in all my years in Edmonds.”

Dave Earling

Earling — who served as an Edmonds City Councilmember from 1992 to 2003, including five terms as council president – noted that he decided to run for mayor after receiving encouragement from citizens concerned “about the level and quality of leadership in our town.”

Citing the fact the council took three months to decide whether to ban plastic bags and considered buying the former Skipper’s restaurant property even thought the city had no money, Earling said that “we have what I would describe as a rudderless elected official group,” Earling said. “They’re eight different people with eight different agendas. There’s no one there to gather them up and point them in a direction and that’s really the fundamental problem.”

He took a jab at his opponent, current Mayor Mike Cooper, for his decision to not sign the most recent budget passed by the city council. “If you don’t like it, what are you supposed to do?” Earling asked. “Veto it. But the current mayor just decided, Oh well. My view is if you don’t like something, you should tell the other side about it and see if you can’t work it out.”

Cooper is a former Washington State legislator and Snohomish County Councilmember who was appointed by the current City Council to fill the remainder of Haakenson’s term when Haakenson resigned to become Deputy County Executive under Reardon in July 2010.

In order to run for mayor, Earling said he gave up the last 15 months of a six-year appointment by Gov. Chris Gregoire to serve on the Growth Management Hearings Board, joking that he is now “unemployed, looking for a job.”

“I feel that strongly about the conditions we’re in, the expectations of the town and what we should be doing to move our town forward,” he said. Previously the owner of an Edmonds real estate company, Earling also served as Chairman of the Puget Sound Council Transportation Policy Board and Chairman of the Sound Transit and Community Transit Boards. He was also a member of Snohomish County Tomorrow, which is the long-range planning organization for Snohomish County.

“This is going to be hard work, it’s going to be a hard campaign, it’s going be a mean-spirited campaign,” Earling told the group. “You’ve got to brace yourselves for that.”

  1. I don’t know I kind of like the group that is in there now, they are watching and counting every penny, I watched the public works director get up there time and time again and account for where every dollar is going, I watched a finance director walk away probably because he was hounded too much because of his book keeping . We have a new attorney for a lot less money there were two job openings with the city last month that did not get filled but were canceled because of money issues. We got solar panels on a building not a big deal but a statement There is a web page where the citizens can see where every dollar is going. those are just a few things that I know about , but when you look at the things have happened in the last year are they doing that bad, I don’t think so . Not only that but Ive meet the mayor the public works director all the council its seems like I could work with any of them thats the first impression I get

  2. I just emailed with County Executive Reardon asking why he endorsed Mr. Earling. Although the article makes it appear that Mr. Reardon endorsed Mr. Earling, Mr. Reardon has assured me that he has not. When a campaign cannot even get the simplest facts straight, I wonder what else it may lie about.

  3. Priya – I may have missed it but I have have not seen anywhere that Reardon has endorsed Earling. You say the article makes it appear there is an endorsement but the article was written by Teresa so where is the lie by the campaign? Even the article does not say there is an endorsement – just an appearance (in your mind). Does a photo with a candidate in the press constitute an endorsement now?

  4. @Ron;
    I understand your feeling that salaries are too high for non-represented workers, but I would like to point out that the comparison you make is not appropriate, and sells our City’s workers short.
    To compare non-represented workers on the City staff to the “average adult income” in Edmonds is a fallacy, unless the average adult in Edmonds is a college-educated full time worker in a competitive position. These kinds of comparisons, while they seem logical at the outset, end up glossing over the experience and training that the staff brings to bear. These are not burger flippers that we’re talking about!
    This also goes to your list of questions at the end, where your questions include conclusory statements, such as “excesses within City Hall”. The fact is, the City is unable to perform the level of service demanded by our own rules and regulations, due to a lack of resources, due to a down economy. There is no “bloated government bureaucracy” here. Although, I will agree that we may be able to conserve a bit by trimming down either personnel or hours in a few departments in the short term.

    As for Mr. Earling – I reserve judgment until I hear something concrete, outside the simplistic sniping offered above. Though I agree with him: based on how he opened his remarks, we are indeed in for a “mean-spirited campaign”. Wish he’d been above that, and started with a positive vision.

  5. Earling: I feel that strongly about the conditions we’re in, the expectations of the town and what we should be doing to move our town forward.

    So strongly you evidently doesn’t want to share your thoughts about any of that. You know what my expectations are, but you’re not telling. I sure hope you move on from this kind of meaningless rhetoric.

    Earling: If you don’t like it, what are you supposed to do? Veto it.

    That budget passed 6-1. Only Councilmember Wilson voted against it. You would have vetoed it? What’s your point?

    Earling: it’s going be a mean-spirited campaign

    Is that how you’re going to get everybody together and point them in a direction? Good luck with that. Will you share your enemies list with me?

    Although I rarely make up my mind early in a campaign, until today you almost had my vote. Were you trying to make Mike Cooper look like the better candidate?

  6. So Prima he goes to the party gets his picture taken but doesn’t endorse him, that seems a little weird but correct me if Im wrong isn’t Reardon a democratic and isn’t haakenson a republican ? Just wondering

  7. Mr. Earling says that citizens will just have to compromise on building heights. He admires the Kirkland waterfront with its taller view blocking buildings.

    Why bring that issue back? And why would we want to spend ourselves silly again?

    Lets go forward with a combination of current (minus DJ) and NEW elected officials. The current Council is on the right track towards recovery; lets give them a chance to complete their work!

  8. @Chris, when I emailed Mr. Reardon about it, he was clearly upset about his use of the picture and will be sending a letter to Mr. Earling’s campaign. And, yes, I do think that the article implies that Reardon is a supporter of Earlings.

    If this is not a press release and Teresa wrote the article then I ask her to make clear that Reardon is not an endorser or a supporter or Earlings.

    Also, FYI, Mr. Earling just locked me out of his facebook page when I was discussing the issue with him. I simply asked him to make clear to the press that there was no endorsement. WOW! What does he have to hide? Not only am I no longer allowed to post but, I am no longer a “friend”. Oh well…..so much for transparency……..

  9. @Ray, Hell must have frozen over! I can’t believe that we are supporting the same candidate.

    @Mike, the name is Priya (not Prima). See 10 above. I’m not sure what R and D have to do with the issue. The questions was simply whether Reardon in any way endorsed or supported Ealing. The answer from Reardon is a clear NO.

    @Joe, yep.

    1. I have to clear up one thing – I was introduced to Mr. Reardon as being from My Edmonds News before taking the photo. So I’m not sure why he would be upset about it appearing on the site. It is true there was no mention of an endorsement. However, he was there, was introduced to the group and he shook Mr. Earling’s hand. I guess you can read whatever you want into that.

  10. I gotta say, Reardon has me confused. Why would anyone show up at a campaign launch event (and pose for pictures) if they don’t support the candidate? Free food? Just happened to be in the neighborhood shopping for wine?

  11. Priya I disagree I think party loyalty has everything too do with it. If Reardon is a real democrat He probably should not have showed up at that thing let alone get his picture taken with the guy who is running, and the guy who is running is a republican. This was not any charity fund raiser or anything like that sorry about the spelling

  12. @Teresa, “Among those in the crowd were current and former elected officials (although no current Edmonds City Councilmembers) including the Snohomish County Executive, Democrat Aaron Reardon, and his Republican challenger Mike Hope.” This sentence implies an endorsement or support. It also implies that not of the sitting council support Earling. Not everyone who reads My Edmonds News will read the language to imply a just a presence.

    I will leave it to Mr. Reardon to clean up the rest of this.

  13. In the email exchange I had with Reardon this morning he indicated that he showed up because he and Earling had run against each other for the same post. He wanted to show there was no animosity. However, he also made clear to me that he does not endorse Earling in this race. And, before I was locked out of Earling’s facebook page, Earling also confirmed that.

  14. @Ron, #17

    “AND to suggest that even a small number of our residents are flipping burgers for a living is absurd. One way you know that is not true is ask yourself if someone flipping burgers could afford to pay even the current property taxes in Edmonds – I think not. I don’t know anyone in my cal-de-sac who’s flipping burgers. Maybe their kids? Two of them are Boeing engineers, some have their own businesses and at least two work for the county.”

    Not everyone in Edmonds live in your cul-de-sac. I have door belled every single precinct in Edmonds and I assure you not all of them are representative of yours. I suggest you take a precinct map and walk the City’s boundaries.

  15. I was at the event and never had the impression that Mr. Reardon had endorsed Mr. Earling. He told Priya this morning why he was there, before hearing that I assumed he was there because he too is running for re-election and saw it as an opportunity to get out and greet voters.

    I really wish that people would quit trying to turn our local politics into partisan politics, because it’s destructive. Citizens should be supporting the candidates they believe to be the best choices. The political party they belong to should not be a factor. Some of the city council members were not at the event because their loyalty to their party controls their actions.

    Presumably it is now clearer that Tersa wrote this story; it was not a press release. I would have to believe she would have written about Mayor Cooper’s kickoff event had she been invited to it. Hopefully, Priya, you were invited to it and got to speak with Mr. Reardon there.

  16. Joe:

    As I recall Mr. Earling’s comment about the campaign likely to be mean-spirited, he said that in his closing comments when referring to the affects of a third person entering the race causing a primary. Too bad you were not at the event; I believe that you would have gained a positive impression of Dave.

  17. Ron W: The political party they belong to should not be a factor.

    If this were true, candidates like Mr. Earling would not declare allegiance to any party. The fact the Mr. Earling has said that his values align more closely with the Republican Party says something about him. As an independent, a candidate’s party is not the primary thing I look at. But it is absolutely a factor.

    I will say that there isn’t much difference between the Democrat and Republican parties any more. Anyone who signs onto either party probably either needs campaign contributions or has has principles far different from those of most ordinary folks. Is there really any clear-thinking person who supports all of any party platform?

    As for Mr. Reardon, his actions still make no sense to me. He shows up at a campaign launch, poses with the candidate so a clearly identified member of the press can take a picture. That’s cool. But then he is shocked when the picture is published. He’s a veteran of hard-fought campaigns. How could he possibly be that naïve? Teresa did the right thing when she posted a newsworthy picture.

    1. I just received this email from Aaron Reardon, and he gave me permission to post it:

      Good morning Teresa,
      I am writing to clarify that in the race for Edmonds Mayor, I have not endorsed either of the two front-runners. I was invited to and attended both the campaign kickoff’s of Mike Cooper and Dave Earling.
      I have known Mike Cooper for many years. He is a friend and colleague with whom I have worked to create and pass positive legislation for working families and the environment. Mr. Cooper is a passionate, hard-working public servant.
      In 2003, Dave Earling and I both ran for Snohomish County Executive. In that campaign, we each focused on the office for which we were running – not each other. Our respective campaigns were issue oriented, responsible and dignified. Neither campaign was negative or personal. From this experience I found Dave to be a gentleman and have respected him ever since.
      I have chosen not to endorse in this election for three very simple reasons. First, neither candidate has asked for my endorsement. Second, I have long believed that endorsements by politicians in local races pale in comparison to the endorsement of average voters. Third and lastly, my endorsement in this race would only distract from the candidates themselves. I am a Democrat who is a long-time friend and worked with Mike Cooper and who faced Dave Earling in our race for County Executive in 2003. An endorsement by me in this race would by all appearances be viewed as nothing more than political and petty. That is not my character and it is not the character of either of two candidates for Mayor of Edmonds.
      Thank you for your time.
      Aaron Reardon

  18. Some one tell Roger that Readon came to Dave and Mike’s kickoffs. Roger can invite Readon and we will see if he shows up at Roger’s kick off.

  19. @Ron, #21, I don’t know why you are putting me and Mr. Haakenson in the same group. I have said before, publicly, that I trust him as far as I can trow him. He shut me off his facebook page too.

  20. @Ron, #17. We all know that statistics can be played with. Run the boundaries. You will find a different story. The proof is in the run. signing off for the day.

  21. Ok, now that everyone is exhausted, I assume, from casting conspriacy theories galore, slowly/carefully read Mr. Reardon’s statement then reread your statements and conclusions. Then let me suggest that it’s a beautiful day outside and it’s good for the soul and spirit to get out. As to Facebook, it’s kids stuff!

  22. Priya: “Not everyone in Edmonds live in your cul-de-sac. I have door belled every single precinct in Edmonds and I assure you not all of them are representative of yours.”

    So true! So many people forget that Edmonds is bigger than the bowl. Go to apartment complexes on the Hwy 99 corridor, on 212th, in South Edmonds, etc. and you will probably find someone who “flips burgers” — averages don’t tell that story.

  23. @Priya..sign of the apocolypse..you getting riled up over facebook? Your still my friend but I may block you if you don’t vote for Dave (:
    as for my 2 cents which probably is worth less..I am a registered Republican, was Democrat for years..have voted for both parties through the years..consider myself middle more than anything..and am voting for candidates this year who are the right person at the right time for this city..party affiliation does not matter. I know each of these candidates as well as those running for council. I agree and disagree with all..but I know the ones who will shrug off their party affiliations and do what is right for this great city which my family has been a part of for over 70 years. I have known Dave for 20 plus years, I know with all my heart he is the right person at the right time. He will work in a professional manner to come to concensus. He will be responsive when contacted by citizens (he was one of the first to call me and thank me for opening the Sports Academy and was excited to hear my plans to generate sports tourism into our community, I heard zip from existing mayor)..as the article mentions he has worked with both political parties to get things done. He is honest and has no ego. We obviously have some major issues facing us as citizens and as government..the budget, the roads, the economy, transparency..most of you regulars have done a great job in discussing this in detail..but whatever is chosen as the best course of action for our community, you need a leader who is willing to listen and steer our elected leaders to a consensus that again will be right for Edmonds. Dave is that guy

  24. Stohn, thanks for completing the picture of Edmonds. We on the ‘eastside’ comment often about the narrow view of Edmonds taken by the Bowl/downtown/waterfront folks. I’m not real interested in the old 30′ building debate for downtowners when there is not one park in most of east/southeast Edmonds; not one! And I’ve had a few discussions with the Chamber about recruiting the vibrant business community over here, and got not taker. About 3%-4% of Hwy 99 businesses belong to the Chamber which says much. This year’s candidates must pound the doors over here and talk with to understand what is important and to gain votes in what should be a close election.

  25. Jim – this is not the place for a discussion about the Chamber and it’s outreach to other parts of town but I will address it. I have been a board member for at least the last 12 years (I have lost count). We have tried very many times to recruit businesses from all over town & in fact outside of Edmonds as well.

    if you have concerns about this please contact the Chamber office or me directly at thetaxman@mytaxgenius.com.

  26. Once again, the participants in this forum have chosen to overwhelmingly post anything and everything negative they can about a candidate.

    I’m ashamed the citizens of this fine city think brow beating each other and/or candidates is going to change the situation we’re currently facing. I get free speech, but cannot believe Mr. Earling or any other candidate for any other position, finds this helpful to put together a plan to help our city.

    This building height non-sense is an example of how all of you that brag about how long you’ve lived in Edmonds, think you get to have more of a say than the overwheming majority. There are far more citizens in Edmonds that would have no negative effect by raising the building heights, than those that might have their train whistled, ferry horned and bus exhaust lives affected. (and no, Ray M. I’m not talking about the same heights a Kirkland) Think about all of those taxpayers being asked to fork out more tax money, because you think you’re entitled to prevent having your view impeded slightly.

    Oh yeah, by the way all of you negative nellies, there are more than 2 million eyes and feet that are forced to sit at our ferry dock, transit center and train station every year. Are you proud of what they see? A run down, sham of a shopping center that provides little benefit to those commuters or local citizens. Do you really believe Edmonds is capitalizing the best way possible on all of those captive eyes and feet?

    The unwillingness of our citizens to find common ground and build upon it is disgusting. We’re way past the, “your with us or against us”, position. This is why many people in other communities (including Kirkland), laugh at us. They know this useless bickering will continue and it is not worth attempting to do business in Edmonds. Hence another Levy request.

    I’m embarrassed for you all and done getting aggravated at the same old crap that has got us here in the first place.

  27. Ed,

    You are certainly entitled to your sour opinion of our city and its citizens. I have to disagree though.
    I see Edmonds as a really great town with nice people surrounded by beauty and the state of Washington. Judging by our population growth and practically any other indicator most would tend to agree with me.

    The downtown area does need improvement, but that is in reality only one small part of a wonderful bedroom community. If there was some way for a majority of citizens to overcome the greed of a relatively few individuals progress could be made. My thoughts in that direction favor our city ultimately invoking eniment domain, which will probably never happen and may be impractical anyhow.

    Edmonds is one fine town, lets enjoy it.

  28. Ed. You are so right. The good news is that there are many of us who are working to come up with ways to improve Edmonds and we are getting some new business coming to downtown. We have to keep working to develope all areas of the city to make Edmonds a vibrant city. How this convesation got away from Mr. Earling having his campaign kick off just goes to show how the few only want to talk about yesterday not the future Congratulations to Mr. Earling and may a spirited campaign between the thee canidates on the issues begin.

  29. Thank you Don! Thank you for your efforts to bring us forward from the broken model that seems to be a source of pain for many.

    Ray, go pound sand!

  30. Well I kind of like edmonds just the way it is a small town by the water I don’t want businesses and strip malls showing up everywhere, thats whats nice about this place it has a small town feel next to a big city

  31. Ed,

    I’m truly sorry things are not going your way. Hopefully your situation will improve.

    Most probably all three mayoral candidates would do the best in their power to help your “broken model” recover in some manner.

    The best of luck to you.

  32. Ray,

    I’ve seen the light and you are so right!

    The current model in which we cannot afford to pave our streets, cut public safety officers, lose teachers, increase class sizes for our children every year and have new tax measures on the ballot for every election, is working fantastically. The waterfront shopping center is a true point of pride for the city and we haven’t watched businesses leave our city over the past several years. Oh, wait a minute, I forgot to include all the great information you’ve shared, that further eminates success. (DJ Wilson steals property from old ladies, past mayors we’re crooks and our current city leaders fail the transparency test.)

    How could I have been so wrong? Thank you for all of your wisdom and information. I can now return to my previous position, living with my head in the sand.

  33. Just for the record. My intention in pointing out the facebook issue was only to point out that when issues were brought to the candidate through that electronic means of communications, the candidate locked me out . If a candidate is going to talk about transparency, the candidate must be transparent in all arenas.

  34. Ed,

    Sorry you are so offended by my opinions that you go so far wildly off track in your personal attacks on myself. However for the record:
    1. “past mayors were crooks – FALSE
    2. “current leaders fail transparency” – FALSE
    3. “Wilson steals” – FALSE. Wilson did take the aging widow’s property and I consider it to be a despicable and immoral act, yet it was a LEGAL win for Wilson. I suggest that if you read the Court papers you will agree with me.
    4. Whole first sentence – Also FALSE, simply total baloney!

    In short Ed, I am disappointed with your commentary. We seem to be living in two different worlds.

  35. Ray, you just continue with the falsehoods. My family did not “take” anything. We bought an entire – not partial – lot from our neighbor. We knowingly paid $40k over the appraised value. The “court” papers you’re forwarding are not “court” papers. They are papers and opinions prepared by Ms. Sutherland’s attorney. The arbitrator and the Superior Court judge both found those claims to be wholly lacking in merit, to the point we were awarded attorney’s fees they were deemed so frivolous.

    You are spreading falsehoods, Ray, and you are fully aware of that fact.

  36. DJ thanks for bring the truth forward. So much gets said that is just political reterick and falsehoods

  37. DJ, you do amaze me with your slippery language. What imaginary “court” papers that are not “court” papers have I forwarded? And to whom?

    My only written reference material is a complete copy of the Wilson vs Sutherland case, a public document, prepared for me by the County Clerk’s office, at my request.

    I have never seen any “papers and opinions prepared by Ms. Sutherlands attorney” other than what possibly may be part of the official record.

    So are you now stating that you did not sue Mrs. Sutherland for adverse possession of a strip of land you yourself described as the “maintained area” in the legal document you signed on Sept 9, 2008? And that that is now a “falsehood” stated by me? And that you did not therefore sue her to “take” that strip of land for your own? Really? The very very real court papers are wrong?

    And yes, you did ask for sanctions against Ms. Sutherland as provided in the Adverse Possession law for an additional humiliating 5K? Aren’t you proud? HB 1026 will however, prevent this extra insult in the rare future cases I believe.

    Your sentence beginning “They are papers—” also left me wondering what in the world are you talking about?

    Yes, I believe you acted badly and took advantage of a confused elderly 88 year old lady who had owned her property for 55 years. You first built a deck partially on her property without a permit, a clear violation of Edmonds city code.

    Your adverse posssession history is a legitimate campaign issue and voters should be made aware of the absolutely true facts of the case. I’ll be voting for Ms. Bloom.

  38. This has gone on more than long enough. I would like to call on Joan Bloom to denounce Ray’s mudslinging campaign. This kind of garbage tarnishes the election, this publication, and Edmonds itself.

    While I’m sure Joan is not encouraging Ray in any way, I hope she speaks up. Otherwise I will assume her silence implies approval.

    Ray won’t listen to anyone else. Maybe he’ll listen to Joan.

  39. Ray I dont think DJ buying a lot or building a deck has anything to do with the way he conducts himself as a city council person,

  40. Not only have I not encouraged others to attack DJ on my behalf,
    (behind the scenes) I have discouraged it. My approach to campaigning
    is not to attack my opponent, but to attract voters who agree with my
    ideas. My focus is, and will continue to be, on the issues. What is
    being discussed is not an issue facing the citizens of Edmonds and
    therefore, I will not be commenting on it.

    That said, I neither have the authority nor the hubris to bless or
    suppress the sentiments of anyone else, including those of Ray Martin
    and Joe Morgan. All I can say is, no one speaks for me but me.

  41. Thank you, Joan. I do appreciate and admire what you said and the way you choose to campaign.

    Mike, you are a man of few words, but you chose them well.

    DJ, you are a brave man for speaking up on an issue that is clearly irrelevant but hurtful.

    Maybe now we can move on and/or get back to the topic of this article: Dave Earling

  42. Again, Ray, just to beat this horse for those you may stir up: your papers are incomplete. We did not build the deck. The deck was never on the other property. Ms. Sutherland made every action in the presence of her attorney so I can’t speak to the confusion you ascribe to her.

    Thanks, Joan, for your comments. I know you are a person of integrity and won’t be stooping to falsehoods. Clearly, over the course of this campaign, some will.

  43. Its time for me to switch emphasis from the sad and cruel lawsuit initiated by DJ to other segments of his regretable record as a Councilman. Obviously from the static from a few, many more are listening.

    As I have stated my reference material has largely been the file maintained by the County Clerk. If any of the detractors have reviewed the file I would be surprised, and so would they if they were to study these true facts.

    One other point to be made is I find it highly supercilious and unsatisfactory in this great country of free speech for uninformed DJ loyalists such as Morgan, Hall, and Peterson to attempt to censor, put down, or interfere with free speech simply because they disagree with a viewpoint different than theirs.

    Lets “stoop” to continue further discussoins on DJ’s clear and real record of failure, such as his Yost pool flip flop and the loss of a seat on the CT Board, etc. etc. Its time for a change!

  44. Ray, it’s ironic that you call me uniformed and a DJ loyalist in the same sentence. I am have no loyalties to DJ or any other candidate or political party and have stated that before. This is just one more example of your willingness to present your own fictional view of the world as if it were fact.

  45. Thank you Mike, for a positive note. I accept your offer and after the Nov election. It may be late Nov as I will likely be unavaiable immediately after the election.

    I need to correct my input concerning one detail which DJ may have correctly pointed out. He actually violated Edmonds city code by building his deck without a permit (also a shed) AFTER, and not before acquiring the property as I stated.

    Joe, Calling you uniformed and a DJ loyalist is indeed harsh. I need to watch my “reterick” closer. I retract it with the hope you will be a tad more open minded.

  46. hey Ray as long as the shed is moveable no permit is required, you are really making something out of nothing I use to be a deck building contractor lets go have lunch Ill set it up and dj will get ahold of you thanks mike

  47. In your apparent attempt to apologize for calling me names, you imply I am close minded. Uh…. thanks.

    Ray, let me explain why I want this to stop:

    (1) It is off topic. This article is about Dave Earling.

    (2) Even if it were on topic, it is irrelevant. These are allegations about DJ’s personal life.

    (3) Even if it were on topic and relevant, you have presented it in a very disrespectful manner.

    (4) Even if it were on topic, relevant and respectful, you have made so many factually incorrect statements, it would be sheer madness to sort it all out, even if there are nuggets of truth buried in there.

    I could go on, but I’ll stop at 4 reasons.

    In the unlikely event anybody besides Ray is reading any of this (I hope not), in #55 I meant to say uninformed, not uniformed. My apologies to those who actually are or were uniformed.

  48. Unbelievable! I just came back from lovely Ojai, California, where we celebrated our daughter’s 30th birthday and granddaughter’s 1st birthday. I was gone for just six days, and have been reading through this debate this afternoon. I can’t believe the mean spirited tone of this on-line conversation. First of all, Joan Bloom has never mentioned anything about DJ Wilson’s dispute with his neighbor. I know Joan on a personal level, and we have worked together on both the Mayor’s Advisory Committee for Transportation and the Tree Board. Joan is an issue oriented independent thinker. She does not delve into other candidates’ personal matters. Two, Mr. Wambolt is correct in reminding us that the Edmonds mayor is a non-partisan position. I am a Democrat who tends to the left wing of the party. However, I will take the time to learn about both candidates and vote for the person who will be the best fit as our city’s next mayor. Thank you for allowing me to join this discussion.

  49. Barbara, you are correct that I was completely wrong to try to draw Joan into the garbage Ray has been writing. She had nothing to do with it, and I was wrong to expect her to comment on it. I have long admired both her hard work for the city and her reasoned and well-articulated views. She has campaigned cleanly and openly. I’m very sorry, Joan.

    I’ve gotta learn to just ignore Ray, like most of the smart people around here learned long ago.

  50. Barbara if the mayors job is nonpartisan position than Edmonds is different that the rest of the country. i what party these people are in ,

  51. Mr. McCarthy,

    This is in reference to your inquiry regarding the party affiliation of the candidates who are running for mayor of Edmonds. As I indicated in my previous comment, the office is nonpartisan. The Snohomish County auditor’s webpage displays a list of those who have filed applications to apply for elective office. The link is below to the website. For your convenience, I have provided the information on the Edmonds mayor candidates.


    CITY OF EDMONDS (Snohomish)

    MAYOR Nonpartisan office (4-year short and full term)

    Dave Earling – dave@daveearling.com
    Mike Cooper – mikecooperformayor@gmail.com
    Roger Hertrich

    So, officially these are non-partisan. However I do know that Mr. Cooper is a Democrat and Mr. Earling is a Republican. I do not know Mr. Hertrich’s party affiliation.

    Thank you.

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