Edmonds Bartell participating in ‘Stock the Pantry’ food drive through Sunday


Bartell Drugs’ Stock the Pantry” food drive continues through this Sunday, June 12. The Edmonds Bartell is located 23028 100th Ave. W. in the Westgate neighborhood.

In association with Northwest Harvest, the drive by Bartell Drugs focuses on replenishing local food bank, meal program and school food stocks  during summer months–when families that normally depend on free or reduced-price school meals may struggle to provide healthy meals at home.

Some “kid-friendly” food item suggestions include tuna, instant oatmeal, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, cheese crackers, applesauce and canned fruit in individual serving sizes.

Launched in 2009, “Bartell Drugs’ Stock the Pantry” donations have totaled nearly 35,000 pounds of food
over the past two years.


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