Latest candidate videos now available for viewing


If you missed our interviews with Edmonds mayoral and city council candidates Monday night, they are now archived and available for viewing here:

Edmonds Mayoral Candidate Dave Earling
Edmonds City Council Candidate Lora Petso
Edmonds City Council Candidate Joan Bloom

A complete schedule of all upcoming shows can be found here. Note that we will not have candidate interviews on Monday, July 4, but will resume them July 11.


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  1. I have now watched last night’s interviews and found them all to be very insightful – great job Teresa!

    In Ms. Petso’s interview she takes credit for the establishment of Hickman Park on the former site of the Old Woodway Elementary School. That’s not correct. The city had always intended to place a park on that site, and that had been indicated in the Park’s Comprehensive Plan. What Ms. Petso lobbied for was to have the city spend $4M to $5M additional, money the city did not have, to have a park that’s twice as big. Fortunately Ms. Petso lost that battle and the taxpayers won.


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