Mock DUI car crash shows Meadowdale HS students impact of bad choices

Police and fire crews respond to the MOCK DUI scene at Meadowdale High School on June 1. Student actors portray the victims of a DUI collision with fatalities and injuries.

Emergency crews responded to a multiple-car collision at Meadowdale High School with fatalities and others injured early June 1. Fortunately it was just a dramatization – a portrayal of the events and consequences resulting from an alcohol-related collision.

The mock DUI car crash and assembly at Meadowdale High School was put on for its junior and senior students just prior to prom night and graduation. It involved two cars staged in a simulated crash in which student actors portrayed the roles of the drunken driver and the victims of one bad choice made on “prom night.”

Emergency personnel — crews from Lynnwood Fire, Police and Aid units —  responded to the collision performing their tasks of securing the scene, interviewing witnesses and stabilizing and caring for the injured at the scene. When it was learned that alcohol was involved and that fatalities had resulted, the police established a crime scene investigation and performed a variety of DUI field tests that ultimately resulted in the arrest of a young, intoxicated driver.

Finally, the coroner arrives to perform the grim task of transporting the victims to the morgue.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a true-to-life simulation must be worth a million,” stated a news release from the Lynnwood Police Department Friday. “The simple objective is to make a powerful impression of the tragic consequences of drinking and driving upon students at a time when lots of celebration is in order with prom and graduation.”

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