Monday night: Mayoral candidates Mike Cooper and Dave Earling live

    Dave Earling
    Mike Cooper

    Join My Edmonds News Monday night as we continue our live video interviews of local candidates for Edmonds City Council and mayor. We’ll be interviewing candidates for Edmonds mayor, with challenger Dave Earling at 7 p.m. and incumbent Mike Cooper at 8 p.m.

    All programming will be streamed over the My Edmonds News Video page. If you want to simply watch the show, visit the page shortly before the 7 p.m. start time Monday. (Note that you will have to watch a Ustream-sponsored ad prior to the start of the programming — this is what keeps it free.)

    If you want to participate in the chat feature offered during the show, give yourself time to register. Click on the link: Free video streaming by Ustream. This will take you to the Ustream site, where free registration will allow you to chat with other viewers and ask real-time questions while the show is airing. You can also submit your questions via email during the program — send them to [email protected] — and we will answer some of them if time allows.

    If you miss any of the programs, they will be archived for later viewing.

    3 Replies to “Monday night: Mayoral candidates Mike Cooper and Dave Earling live”

    1. Teresa – your local news site is clearly the best!

      For those of us with busy lives, and unable to make it to all of the live debates and meetings, having a resource like your site is invaluable. I look forward to the Q&A, and hearing from both candidates!


    2. Mayor Cooper:

      I’ve learned from your interview tonight that you have not found a finance director and you plan to re-advertise.

      I have recruited many managers using my company’s HR department. There have been times when HR screened-out candidates that I determined to be possibly suitable for the vacancy.On at least a couple of occasions I ended up hiring screened-out candidates. If you have interviewed only the candidates given to you by HR, I urge you to personally take a look at the others – nothing ventured, nothing gained.


    3. I have just learned that Mayor Cooper did review all of the applications for the finance director position, so the possibility of a good one having been passed over doesn’t exist. Now they must start anew.


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