Tonight: We’ll be livestreaming exclusive Edmonds Election Watch 2011 coverage


    Beginning tonight — Monday, June 6 — My Edmonds News will introduce a new feature: live video interviews regarding Edmonds issues and candidates in the upcoming 2011 primary and general election.

    Here’s how it works:  All programming will be streamed over the My Edmonds News Video page. If you want to simply watch the show, visit the page shortly before the 8 p.m. start time Monday. (Note that you will have to watch a Ustream-sponsored ad prior to the start of the programming — this is what keeps it free.)

    If you want to participate in the chat feature offered during the show, give yourself time to register. Click on the link: Free video streaming by Ustream. This will take you to the Ustream site, where free registration will allow you to chat with other viewers and ask real-time questions while the show is airing. You can also submit your questions via email during the program — send them to [email protected] — and we will answer some of them if time allows.

    If you miss any of the programs, they will be archived for later viewing.

    “I’m proud that My Edmonds News is making this interactive programming available to Edmonds residents,” said My Edmonds News Publisher Teresa Wippel. “Having the ability to chat live with other users and ask questions of guests on the program makes for an interactive experience. And because programs are archived, those who are too busy to attend a candidates’ forum or watch live can learn more about an issue or the candidates’ views whenever it is convenient for them.”

    Interviews with council candidates start on Monday, June 13 with incumbent City Councilmember D.J. Wilson at 7 p.m. But to kick off the programming, our June 6 Election Watch 2011 show will have as its featured guest Ron Clyborne, president of the Greater Edmonds Chamber of Commerce. Clyborne will discuss the important role that economic development plays in the city’s future, and why the Chamber decided to become actively involved in issues advocacy this year.

    So join us at 8 p.m. Monday, and have your questions ready!


    2 Replies to “Tonight: We’ll be livestreaming exclusive Edmonds Election Watch 2011 coverage”

    1. Ditto above Teresa! Great job and make sure you let us regulars know what we can do to help in making this a success!



    2. What a great plan Teresa. Again you hit it out of the park. I will be out of town so cannot be on the session tonight to ask this question of Ron. For the last 2 years the 17 members of the Economic Development Commission have worked on several initatives and Council has endorsed the work. How does the Chamber see the work of the EDC and how does it fit into the views that the Chamber may have. To my knowledge Ron has not attended or input to the EDC so we want to make sure we understand what the views of the Chamber are and reconcile those views with those of the EDC.




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