Edmonds Election Watch 2011: Mayoral candidate Earling leads fundraising


Edmonds mayoral challenger Dave Earling leads the fundraising for all Edmonds City Council and mayoral candidates, according to the most recent state Public Disclosure Commission reports.

Earling has raised $25,875 and as of the latest filing had not spent any money. Incumbent Edmonds Mayor Mike Cooper, has raised $9,357 and has spent $875 so far. The third candidate for mayor, former Edmonds City Councilmember Roger Hertrich, has reported no donations or expenditures.

Other candidate reports include:

Position 4: Edmonds City Councilmember Diane Buckshnis has raised $3,690 but reports no money spent. Challenger Bob Wilcox has raised $6,145 with no expenditures while Tad Helke reports no donations or expenses.

Position 5: Edmonds City Council incumbent DJ Wilson has raised $10,606 and has spent $3,575. Wilson’s challenger, citizen activist Joan Bloom, has raised $500 but did not list any expenditures in her most recent PDC filing.

Position 6: For this open seat (incumbent Steve Bernheim is not running for re-election), Edmonds business owner Frank Yamamoto reported $4,975 in donations while perennial candidate Alvin Rutledge reports no contributions or expenses.

Position 7: Edmonds City Councilmember Lora Petso has raised $280 and spent $130, while challenger Darlene Stern reported $3,950 in contributions and no expenses.

To see the complete list of donations for all candidates, visit the PDC website.




4 Replies to “Edmonds Election Watch 2011: Mayoral candidate Earling leads fundraising”

  1. I’ve seen signs around for every candidate but one. Several candidates have reported no expenditures, yet clearly have spent money on signage. I don’t understand the process of running for election, so maybe somebody else can explain this.


    1. Joe:
      Eric Earling from the Earling campaign provided this insight that addresses your inquiry:
      “The PDC reporting schedule creates an odd gap this time of year, with expenditures between June 1 and July 25 reported on July 26, twenty-one days before the primary. After that, expenditures from July 26 to August 8 are reported again on August 9, seven days before the primary. Here’s a pdf link to the full reporting schedule for the year.

      “I can guarantee you every campaign that has raised money is spending it now, but because of the PDC reporting schedule, it isn’t apparent yet, which can can be confusing absent the full context,” he said. “In that sense, the campaign contributions that are reported weekly are much easier for people to track and review than campaign expenditures based on the reporting schedule set by state law.”


  2. Joe and Teresa: the campaign signs you see are also, in a few cases, recycled from previous campaigns. So, they were paid for in 2007 or 2009 campaigns, and don’t have to be reported again.

    Personally, I’d like to seen a sign ordnance that limits the number of campaign signs, to reduce the visual blight, and requires the use of compostable signs. Most of the current signs are corrugated plastic that is not accepted even for recycling, which is not in keeping with the kind of Edmonds we’re trying to build.


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