Edmonds Kind of Dad: Trying to land my Dream Job


By David Kaufer

“A dream job is a job that combines your talents and passions in a way that is meaningful to YOU.” (~Career expert Pete Liebman)

What is a “Dream Job” and how many people do you know that actually has one?

I have been thinking about this for awhile, because in many ways I consider my current position to be a Dream Job. I get to work with passionate people. I get to be creative. I have flexible work hours. Yes, in so many ways I’m so very lucky and I’m grateful every day. Entrepreneurs and those who work for themselves know and understand this feeling.

So I’m telling the absolute truth when I say it’s hard for me to even consider taking a “real” job within a company or an organization – it would have to be so compelling, so tempting, so…perfect.

Well, a friend of mine sent me this link today – and everyone who knows me will understand immediately, if there ever was such as thing as a real dream job for me, David Kaufer, this is it:

Senior Associate Athletic Director, Marketing & Public Relations, Department of Athletics, University of Oregon.

Wow. As I read the qualifications required and responsibilities of the position, I couldn’t help but to get excited. Here is a job that encompasses all of my experience, expertise and passion. Yes, I’m a huge Oregon Ducks fan (and alum). I also happen to have a Masters degree in Sports Management from University of San Francisco (earned over a two-year period by commuting 100 miles every Wednesday to work/school/home in the Bay Area) and experience working in sports marketing at both Cisco Systems and Cal-Berkeley.

To lead the University of Oregon athletic department’s marketing and public relations team would be a full-circle experience and the true definition of a dream job. My blog (and Twitter/Facebook streams) are full of posts about my love for the Ducks and why I’m so passionate about the school (not only the sports teams).

Here is a job that combines my talents and passions in ways that would be totally meaningful to me.

So I have to go for it. I know that this is a very desirable position, not only for myself, but probably for many currently working at other university athletic departments. The Oregon Ducks are now a marquee brand name.

While other candidates may bring more years of direct college sports marketing and public relations experience, I know that my breadth and depth of collective experience working for PR agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, start-ups as well as my own college sports marketing experience at Cal is truly unique. And Oregon’s athletic department is known for taking the road less traveled and making successful non-traditional hires for key positions (see former Athletic Director Pat Kilkinney, Golf Coach Casey Martin and Football Coach Chip Kelly).

So this is the official launch of my campaign for the position of Senior Associate Athletic Director, Marketing & Public Relations, Department of Athletics, University of Oregon. I’ll be using my social media channels to help drum up support so I hope that you will help share this on your Facebook or Twitter accounts – and comment either on my blog or Facebook page.

And no, this doesn’t mean I’m abandoning the agency or my clients. I’ll remain as committed and passionate to them as ever. I see this akin to a politician who decides to run for a different office. The passion for public service remains but the opportunity in the new role is too tempting. There are no guarantees of winning of course, but I only know one way to do anything, and that’s full speed with my passion in full display. If I don’t get the job, this passion will remain for my current role and clients – as I said before, I know how lucky I am and love building my own company.

I know this might be a long shot and its scary putting myself “out there” like this – but given how much I’ve embraced social media (and it has embraced me), this feels like the ideal way to show the power of this medium – and to find out just how many people I can get on board. So here it goes.

As the famous Greek philosopher Eminem once wrote:

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity

To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment

Would you capture it or just let it slip?


Go Ducks!

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David Kaufer is a fun-loving Super Dad of 5-year-old twin sons, an insane Oregon Ducks fanatic (follow him on Twitter @DavidKaufer), advocate for green/sustainability and autism issues, and connoisseur of Northwest microbrews. He and his wife Renee moved to Edmonds in 2005 to raise their family (and enjoy the gorgeous views).

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  1. Dave,

    Did you get the job? In any case, Go Ducks; go Dave!

    A few years back I had the challenging experience of being an employee of the UW, sitting among ravening Husky alumni/donors, and watching the Huskies play the Ducks. It was hard, but I kept my duck bill shut.


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