In mortgage default? Here’s a program that could help


If you are in mortgage default because of a change in employment status or a serious, costly medical condition, here’s a reminder from the Snohomish County Human Services Department: July 22 is the very last day – no exceptions – that eligible at-risk homeowners can pre-apply for an federal Emergency Homeowner Loan Program (EHLP) forgivable “bridge loan” of up to $50,000.

The program, from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, is designed to eliminate mortgage arrearages and reduce monthly mortgage payments for two years — with the goal of getting homeowners back on their feet fiscally and keeping their homes.

For many at-risk homeowners, the EHLP “bridge loan” could be the best – and, for some, – the last opportunity to restore to their mortgage. To apply or learn more about the program, visit the EHLP website.

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