Reminder: Latest Edmonds City Council and Mayoral candidate interviews posted


Links to Monday night’s My Edmonds News live interviews with Roger Hertrich, Darlene Stern and Tad Helke have been posted online here.

Our final three interviews will be next Monday night, July 18, featuring City Council candidates Frank Yamamato, Bob Wilcox and Alvin Rutledge.



3 Replies to “Reminder: Latest Edmonds City Council and Mayoral candidate interviews posted”

  1. This is very nice but I really don’t want to listen to a slick presentation in which candidates say nothing significant. Where can I find a written comparison of the differences between the candidates? Preferably this would be a comparison they have discussed among themselves and agreed fairly represents their differences.


    1. Ben – thanks for the comments. The voter’s pamphlet, which comes out at the end of July for the primary election, gives each candidate a chance to provide a written statement that reflects his/her stance on issues. The idea behind doing video interviews was to give everyone who watches a chance to hear and see the candidates — no easy way to do that otherwise unless you are home when all of them doorbell your house.


  2. Teresa: apparently you are achieving such a high level of proficiency, that Ben called it a “slick presentation”! Great job for a locals-only news service.

    For Ben: each candidate has their own websites and/or Facebook pages that you can explore. Most provide an email address where you can send them questions. The state provided voter pamphlet will contain a statement from each candidate, but these are canned, brief paragraphs that come far too late, in my opinion.

    Some local organizations in Edmonds will be hosting candidate forums/debates. I’d encourage you to either attend, or send your questions along with someone if you can’t make it. This website is the right place to stay tuned for announcements of those events.

    Thank you for being an engaged citizen… we need more!


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