Turf sports field going in at Edmonds Community College

The turf field now under construction at Edmonds Community College.

Construction has begun on a new sports field — Triton Field —  for Edmonds Community College. The new multi-use turf replaces the college’s existing grass baseball field.

“It will have space for everything possible, and we can get all the athletic teams on campus,” said interim athletic director Clay Blackwood.

The field has been a long-planned improvement for the college that has been put off due to lack of funding. In the past, the college’s soccer and softball teams have had to practice off campus and on rainy days the baseball team has resorted to Shop-Vacs and sponges in an effort to keep its soaked field usable.

“Now that this project is happening, it will be a big draw for recruiting that we have one of the best fields throughout the league,” said baseball coach Brad Ditter.

Edmonds Community College Associated Students came through to make it possible for the college to begin construction of the $2.5 million field this summer. A student fee of $1.50 per credit will pay for the field. The college will provide the upfront funding.

“Student government approved the funding of this project to increase the usability of the field area and make it accessible to more students for recreation,” said Associated Student leader Azan Jacobs. “The Triton Field will be a great addition to our campus. We have a new state-of-the-art housing facility, student center and now a recreational field —  all within a couple hundred feet of each other. This adds to the overall value of Edmonds Community College.”

The field will be used for intramural activities, for intercollegiate sports teams — baseball, softball, and soccer — academic physical education classes, and will also be available for community rentals.

The college’s coaches were able to give input into the design of the field that will include softball and baseball press boxes, a ticket booth, and bleachers.

“We’ll go from having no soccer field on campus to having the largest turf pitch in all of Snohomish County,” said women’s soccer coach Jeanette Delaney.

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