Broken drive shaft thwarts Edmonds hydro’s efforts in first heat of Seafair race

JW Meyers waves to fans as Miss Peters and May is towed back to the pits after losing its prop in heat 1A Saturday. (Photo by Geoffrey Grembowski)

By Harry Gatjens

The drive shaft to the propeller broke Saturday during the first heat of Seafair’s Albert Lee Cup for Edmonds-based unlimited hydroplane, Stevenson Roofing presents Miss Peters and May.

Co-owner/driver JW Meyers was getting lined up when suddenly the boat had no forward momentum. When the shaft broke, the propeller was no longer connected to the engine and thus the boat suffered its first heat failure if the season. In fact, the propeller went to the bottom of Lake Washington so a new setup will be needed for Sunday

While disappointed, co-owners Scott and Shannon Raney are sure things can be fixed in time for racing. Not finishing the first heat does put our local hydro in a position of having to make up ground in the two preliminary heats Sunday.

The two favorites, Steve David with the Oh Boy! Oberto and Dave Villwock with the Spirit of Qatar, won Saturday’s preliminary heats. Visit My Edmonds News Sunday for more on all the hydroplanes and especially our local favorite, the U-11.

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