Edmonds ‘Babylon’ author to host reading, book signing at Tully’s Saturday


Edmonds resident Dr. Sean Salazar will be signing copies of his first novel, “The Babylon Prophecy,” at the downtown Edmonds Tully’s on 5th Avenue South starting at 12:30 p.m. this Saturday, Aug. 20.

The book, the first in a series, begins within hours of an accidental bombing in Iraq, when hero Al Robek, a retired CIA sniper suffering from post-traumatic syndrome, is summoned to investigate. As he and ex-girlfriend Jess Contreras—who, incidentally, was the pilot responsible for the bombing—discover an ancient city buried by the Biblical flood, they soon realize they have awakened a murderous secret brotherhood bent on triggering an early Armageddon.

Enter Ed Collins, an unassuming British code-cracker, who has been tracking the brotherhood since the end of World War II. The trio’s mission takes them to the Middle East, Europe, and South America as they slowly unravel the mystery of a conspiracy against mankind hatched thousands of years ago

Anyone who brings in a previously purchased copy of the book for an autograph, or who purchases one at the reading/signing, will get a $5 off a coupon toward the next volume in the series, which is almost finished).

A U.S. Navy veteran and a Freemason for over 14 years, Salazar is a doctor of chiropractic specializing in sports injury.


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