Edmonds police report arrest of burglar who fled on victim’s bicycle


Edmonds police reported Monday that they arrested a 27-year-old Snohomish man early Saturday morning after he had stolen numerous items from a home in the Aurora Marketplace neighborhood then fled the scene on a stolen bicycle.

Police responded to a call at 3:50 a.m. Saturday that a residential burglary had just occurred in the 8700 block of 236th Street Southwest. Officers learned that the 34-year-old homeowner was awakened by a suspicious noise, and when he looked out his window he observed an unknown suspect fleeing from the home on the victim’s bicycle.  The victim chased after the suspect on foot, but lost sight of him a short distance from the home, so called 911 for help.

Police investigating the scene found that the suspect had broken into the home while the man, his wife and their two young children were asleep inside and stole a number of items, including the couple’s wallets and the man’s shoes.

Four minutes after the original call was broadcast, an Edmonds police officer located an individual matching the suspect’s description near the entrance of a motel in the 23900 of Highway 99.  The man, who was taken into custody, was wearing the victim’s shoes and had both wallets stolen from the home, which included the couple’s identification.  Another officer located the victim’s bicycle, which was hidden behind a garbage dumpster next to the motel.  The remaining stolen property was located in the victim’s backyard, where the suspect had gathered it in cloth grocery-type bags.

The suspect was arrested and booked into jail for residential burglary.

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  1. Four minutes – Wow! Great police work! A burglar willing to enter an occupied home is extremely dangerous. I’m glad he was caught quickly before something tragic happened.


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