Edmonds School Board Director candidate District 5: Linda Hood


As part of our continuing Election 2011 coverage, My Edmonds News presents statements submitted by candidates for the Edmonds School Board, District 5.

Linda Hood is currently a consultant serving small businesses and government agencies on the West Coast, and has one child who will be entering Edmonds-Woodway High School in September.

She served on the Board of the Community Birth Center of Seattle in the ’90s, and has been very active in Madrona K-8 School’s parent-teacher-student organization, serving as an officer for eight years. She volunteered for social, academic and civic programs within the Madrona community for almost eight years.

She has served as Madrona’s delegate to the Edmonds School District’s Citizens’ Planning Committee for the past two years, and became even more active on a District level this past year, participating on a committee to foster diversity in “choice” schools and taking the lead in exploring fundraising guidelines established by the District.

Hood’s goal for the Edmonds School District is a return to excellence.  She states, “Our children will not survive in the workplace without having the advantage of an excellent education.  I believe that excellence can be achieved in public school, without costing a fortune, and I think Edmonds has the resources to make it happen.  As a School Board member, I want to make sure that we nurture the talent and enthusiasm of teachers, staff and parents to give their kids an excellent school experience.”

She can be reached at www.lindahood.org, via email at [email protected] and on Facebook.

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  1. Linda Hood has been an incredibly valuable asset to the parent teacher organization at Madrona K-8. She is thoughtful and knowledgeable, creatively making the most of increasingly limited resources. I *know* she will bring her passion and love for students to the Edmonds School Board and every student in the district will benefit from her election to the board. That’s why she’s got my vote!


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