Edmonds police arrest fourth suspect in string of residential burglaries


Edmonds police detectives assisted by the South Snohomish County SWAT team Saturday morning arrested a fourth person suspected of participating in numerous residential burglaries in Edmonds.

The arrest, which took place in unincorporated Mukilteo, was the result of new information police obtained from three residential burglary suspects arrested Friday following a traffic stop. While interviewing the suspects, detectives obtained information about an additional home burglary in Edmonds where a firearm was taken, said Gerry Gannon, assistant chief of police. Detectives then obtained a search warrant for the arrest of one individual and the search of a residence in unincorporated Mukilteo.

When police served the warrant at 7 a.m. Saturday morning, five people were in the residence including the suspect, Gannon said, and a firearm was also located during the search. Four subjects were detained, interviewed and then released. Police brought the suspect listed on the warrant to the Edmonds Police Department as part of the ongoing burglary investigation.

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  1. Were they hispanic gang members? Were any of them here illegally?
    Do the people in Edmonds know that gangs of hispanics are robbing houses all over the Puget Sound?


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