Edmonds tour groups join forces to attract tourists


Two Edmonds tour companies announced that they are combining forces to attract tourists to the Edmonds area.

Edmonds Tour Group, created by Dick and Genie Potter, has added to its option of tours the unique 90-minute guided tour offered by Edmonds Segway Tours. Both tour groups started operating this year.

The Edmonds Tour Group uses watercraft to transfer guests between Seattle, Kingston and Edmonds with a full tour of the town. Segway Tours, founded by 11-year-old Gregg Jantz of Edmonds with assistance from his father Dr. Gregg Jantz, features sunset, historic and personalized tours of Edmonds on two-wheeled Segway machines.

“We began our venture working with others, such as the Port of Kingston, that have goals and activities that blend with ours,” Dick Potter said. “Teaming with the Jantz group is a natural evolution.”

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