Edmonds woman publishes first non-fiction book, ‘Old Maid Hazel’


What would you do if a hard-boiled, 92-year-old relative, over 4,000 miles away in New England, suddenly needed live-in care? What would co-habitation be like if she flaunted plenty of spunk and mental acuity, fighting you on everything you deemed best for her (or even for you)? Battles are fought and lessons learned in “Old Maid Hazel” when a stubborn, independent, 56-year-old niece moves from Alaska to care for her aunt in New Hampshire. Spirited dialog illustrates how different, and yet how much alike, are these two willful, eccentric women. The book reminds us to honor and respect personal freedoms.

D.M. Giguere of Edmonds has written about all of this and more in the first non-fiction book from chariswritings.com. The story connects with baby boomers faced with aging parents needing, but not always accepting, their children’s assistance. Authentic and fresh memories, thoughts and phrases of the main character — the independent and distrustful Aunt Hazel –will make even the elderly reader smile.

According to the news release from Edmonds-based Anna Mallon Publishing, the book describes “the life histories of the characters, showing us how they have created their worlds based on their respective experiences and temperaments. If you are looking for an easy three-hour read that is likely to remind you of someone you know, this is your book.”

The book is available from the author at www.chariswritings.com and through the Edmonds Bookshop.

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