‘Guerilla knitting’ strikes downtown Edmonds

Guerilla knitters at work?

Chris Fleck sent us this photo, taken at the downtown Edmonds fountain this morning, with the question: “What’s this?” The likely answer, according to City of Edmonds parks maintenance folks, is “guerilla knitting.”

According to Wikipedia, the knit graffiti movement was launched in 2005 in Houston, Texas, allegedly inspired by knitters “to deal with frustration over their own unfinished knitting projects.”

So other frustrated knitters, take note: Edmonds Parks & Recreation Director Carrie Hite said that “we do not allow any adornments of any kinds around the fountain. We will be removing them this morning.”

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  1. So other frustrated knitters, take note: Edmonds Parks & Recreation Director Carrie Hite said that “we do not allow any adornments of any kinds around the fountain. We will be removing them this morning.”

    Of course.. God forbid they let anything fun show up.


  2. Can’t ask the City to be the arbiters of what can stay and what can go – that’s not fair to the City staff. So it has to come down.

    However, if private property owners become “victims” of such a decorative act, they can decide for themselves.

    I, for one, am happy to see signs of life! Thank you, guerrilla knitters… whoever you are.


  3. Since when did the Grinch start working for the Edmonds Park Department? And what do you have against clawed feet on architecture? My granny’s armoir and bathtub had claws like that!


  4. I thought the “claws” on the posts looked pretty funny, and very creative. Who wants to live in a sterile town?

    BTW, I’m no expert, but I believe the title should be “guerilla crochet”, not to pick a knit.


  5. The Wiki needs help, as we are all aware: This is called “yarn bombing” and it is done by knitters and crocheters, but in no way reflects “frustration with their own unfinished projects.” I am a crocheter, and though I’ve never done yarn bombing, I had to laugh at the Wiki definition quoted–totally ridiculous!

    Yarn bombing is common all across the country, including the recent well-publicized decoration of the Wall Street Bull in NY. It is an expression of art. Period. It does no permanent damage like painted graffiti and is simply a fun way of raising awareness of the needle arts.

    I’ve seen articles and photos of this done in cities that were very run down, and the intent of the artists was to beautify the city. Edmonds is already beautiful, but what’s wrong with a temporary demonstration of this art, when Edmonds is an avid supporter of other art mediums?


  6. Every third Thursday of the month, the business community hosts an Art Walk in Edmonds, bringing art lovers from Edmonds and surrounding communities into our downtown area. Attendance has grown over the years and even in the wintertime it’s nice to see our little town occupied with people on the streets. Well done. Last night while attending an Art Walk I stopped outside Cole Gallery to eavesdrop on two couples commenting on the fiber covering the base of a light fixture nearby. They recognized it as an art form and commented that this was going on in other communities as well. Take a look at how Occidental Park was beautified this summer as a result of a request from the Seattle Parks & Recreation. . https://yarnbombing.com/tag/seattle There is a difference between putting soap in the fountain and a true art form. Perhaps our own Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation could offer to be the arbiter between what is an art form and what is a prank in future installments thereby taking the pressure off the City of Edmonds.


  7. Wow – I opened a can…

    At last check, the adornments on the light poles were NOT taken down, just those on the fountain. Lets cut the city a bit of slack here. If they did not have a firm policy on the fountain I expect we would have all sorts of stuff there constantly. Luckily the incredible balloon display put up last week was on the weekend so it was still there for the Car Show and not taken down until Monday when the city was back to work.

    Thanks anyway knitters, crocheters, or whoever provided me with a short lived smile on Thursday!


  8. The guerillas are knit-wits of the hightest caliber. I gauge Edmonds to be the sort of community that appreciates purls in the fountain. Citizens can apply ( one or two ply–that’s up to you) their energy to other civic concerns.


  9. Nice to know that a little yarn has the power to rock the boat a little! Art is supposed to do that.
    Well done yarn bombers!


  10. Hah on Nancy’s comments! Sorry am out of town and missed the start of ‘guerilla’ fun in Edmonds. May it continue. One of my favorite quirky expressions, embroidered on a knitting bag I saw several years ago, is “I knit so I don’t kill people.” Love it.


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