Letter to editor: Diane Buckshnis has ‘mind for business, heart for community’

Dear Editor:
Have you read Diane Buckshnis’ biography on the City’s website? Diane was kind enough to complete a vacancy on the Edmonds City Council. I just finished reading her bio for a second time. Total amazement is my reaction! She has the education, the experience both home and abroad, and all the qualifications for any business.

But we all know it takes more than business experience to represent your fellow man. It takes community spirit and a desire to help others. We seniors have experienced Diane’s caring help and we send her our utmost thanks. My dog Rudy sends his thanks for the doggie park. The time she has devoted to the betterment of our city is extraordinary!

Now Diane’s partial term has expired and she’s running for a full term. With all that she has given us, we should give her a full term! I’m voting for the lady with a mind for business and a heart for community. Diane Buckshnis.

Read her bio on the City’s website.

Rose Marie Cantwell

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  1. There is no way i could agree more with Rose. Diane not only has a highly qualifying past , just look at her many accomplishments here in edmonds while this part of her political career is just in its beginning stage. There is a great potential in this lady, so let’s take advantage of it while she is available to just our city.

    She is on the Senior Center Board, and has been a very active participant there.and then there is our Council, Hutt and dog parks, city budgeting, arts, and a long list of other issues she is involved in. She studies each issue as it comes along and always chooses a position that can only enhance the community in a positive way


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