Letter to editor: Joan Bloom a fiscal conservative

Dear editor:

Joan Bloom is not the type of city council candidate you can put in a box. Yes, Ms. Bloom has been endorsed by our Democratic party’s 32nd Legislative District and also by the Sierra Club. Yet, Joan Bloom is a fiscal conservative.

One of the main planks on her platform is supporting efficient use of taxpayers’ money. Edmonds, like most other municipalities, is mired in the recession. The widespread affluence of the post World War II era and the heady times of the echo boomers – our offspring – have gone flat. Now more than ever, we need leaders like Joan Bloom who will keep an eye on our city’s budget and determine how to best achieve cost savings.

Ms. Bloom also places high priority in both reconciling the inconsistencies and updating the city’s municipal codes. The current situation currently creates confusion to developers who want to build or redevelop properties and also to citizens who want to understand their rights and responsibilities.

Ms. Bloom’s low-budget but effective campaign provides evidence that she has the ability to help our city work smarter and better. So I am asking residents on both sides of the political aisle to cast your vote for Joan Bloom.

Barbara Tipton

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  1. Please know that many of us who are politically and socially conservative are also fiscally conservative. We must never assume that all D’s are this way and all R’s are that way. I see Joan as a rather non-partisan, independent person. I am the same. What inmost important is to think, read, and listen critically… And not to allow oneself to be influenced by the corporate media.

    The lovely hand-decorated campaign signs for Joan Bloom (look for them all around Edmonds) are symbolic of a truly “grassroots” campaign. To read about Joan and why she was endorsed by the Sierra Club, go to our website after a week or so and read all Joan and our other endorsed candidates.

    By the way, did you know that the Sierra Club is also fiscally conservative and that many of our most important conservation legislation was passed during Republican administrations? Also, the Sierra Club is about 50-50 R’s and D’s — so it is incorrect to assume that the SC is a liberal organization. We support good stewardship of the Earth and so does Joan Bloom. Please vote for Joan in the general election.


  2. Oops! Please note this correction to my previous comment: “Please know that many of is who are politically and socially PROGRESSIVE are also fiscally conservative.”

    I was reacting to the complication that Democrats and Sierra Club members are not fiscally responsible. Nothing could be farther from the truth. However, the key point is that we should not stereotype people because of their political or environmental organizations. We are all a composite of vlalues and experiences, and Joan Bloom is a perfect example of an independent person, as Barbara Tipton has said.


  3. Learning to type on my new iPad, I seem to make many typo’s. In my last comment, “complication” should have read, “implication.” Also, “vialues” should read, “values.”
    Thanks for re-reading.


  4. As a die hard Democrat, I wonder why Ms. Bloom did not seek the endorsement of the 21st Legislative Democrats or the Snohomish County Democrats? As you may know, Edmonds is comprised of the 32nd and the 21st. Additionally, if Ms. Bloom uses voter lists now available to her through the WA State Democrats, I believe she will surpass the mini reporting requirements. I’d like Ms. Bloom to certify that she is not using that database and has never acquired a password. I’d also like her to certify that no one associated with her campaign, I’m either an official or unofficial capacity is providing her with voter information from that data base.

    I’m on the bus, writing this from my smart phone. So, please forgive any grammatical errors or typos.


  5. During an audience participation comment a few years ago, I vividly recall Joan making a badly needed pitch for civility. Mayor Haakenson was in one of his frequent put down modes and attempted to unkindly pooh pooh her message as was his style with those who he disagreed. Joan stood her ground, spoke in her usual low key style, and faced him down with a simple well stated repeat and summary of what she had initially said before the Mayor had rudely interrupted her. I thought to myself, “That lady has guts.”


  6. I sought, but did not get, the 21 st endorsement, based on my stand that, during these difficult economic times, unions should not receive COLA or other increases.

    I do not understand how using a database would cause me to surpass the mini reporting requirements. Perhaps you will enlighten us.


  7. I recall DJ making a speech at Council when the levies were being discussed and I think I recall him saying he could not support a GF levy as long as we did not hold the line on labor costs. Yet it looks like DJ got a demo endorsement? It sounded like DJ and Joan had about the same positions on increases in tought economic times.


  8. I wish that the Democratic Party would stay out of Edmonds elections. All of the positions are non-partisan, so no political party should have any involvement. If the Republican Party is involvement, I haven’t seen any evidence of it.

    As far as being a die-hard anything, isn’t that largely what’s wrong with our system? Wouldn’t it be much better to endeavor to determine who is the best candidate and support that person, regardless of their party? Probably I’m naive in regard to this, but it’s clear that the die-hard approach is not getting us the strongest governments at the State and national levels. So let’s get that approach out of our city politics.


  9. Joan,

    Those are in-kind donations. Better check on how much the going value of those data bases are.


    Why would you make such a comment about the Democrats but, not about the Republicans. Why didn’t you attack the Sierra Club endorsement? You should ask your friend, Mr. Plunkett, about Republican support. And, as usual, I’m not sure why you are so pissey about this? If you don’t care about endorsements, don’t look at them.


  10. Priya:

    I am not associated with any political party and never have been. I support whomever I believe to be the best candidates.

    In this election, the Democrats have endorsed Cooper, Wilson and Buckshnis. I have not been able to determine that the Republicans have endorsed any candidate.

    I know too litlle about the Sierra Club to make a comment about them.

    Why do I care about endorsements? Because I’m not the only voter!


  11. @Ron B, you are right. You can secure such lists from the Assessor’s office. However, the databases I am talking about are so much more that just registered votes. They also comprise people who are more than just Democrats.

    @Ron W, I don’t understand your logic? You care about endorsements because you are not the only voter? WHAT?


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