Meadowdale Cross Country preview: Runners start season with meet Saturday


By Quint Turner

The Meadowdale boys and girls cross country teams begin their season Saturday with Sehome Invitational meet in Bellingham. Kristy Maraveller is the head coach of the Meadowdale cross country team, and answered a few questions about the upcoming season.

Q: How have you prepared your team for the upcoming season?

A: The team has had informal summer workouts daily. We went on a team retreat.

Q: Which players should we should keep an eye on?

A: For the boys, senior Quinn Massey and junior Stefan Ball, and for the girls, senior Analissa Merrill and junior Haley Suarez.

Q: As a coach, how do you motivate your players to do their best individually and as a team?

A: They are pretty self-motivated, but we do goal setting, go to fun invites and cheer everyone on.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most for this season?

A: Seeing the runners reach their goals/potential.

Q: What is your program’s philosophy?

A: We accept all runners regardless of ability and strive to help each athlete reach his/her potential.

Sports correspondent Quint Turner is a sophomore at Meadowdale High School.






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