Update on College Place Middle School fire and destroyed sports equipment


Edmonds School District spokeswoman DJ Jakala provided an update from College Place Middle School assistant principal Dawn Hart Monday morning on the equipment destroyed in a sports equipment shed fire at the school over the weekend:

“While many items stored in the College Place Middle athletic shed were a complete loss, the jerseys were not in the structure at the time of the fire,” Hart said.  “And we managed to borrow everything else we need in order for our three athletic teams to compete this week.”

Hart said the school appreciates offers of assistance. If individuals are interested in supporting the football program, she encourages them to purchase a “Cougar Card,” which provides the purchaser discounts at area businesses. You can buy these cards  from any team member or the football coach.

The school’s annual “Cougar Run,” which supports the entire athletic program, is also still accepting donations, she said.

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