Caffe Ladro standing tall for Little People this month


In honor of National Dwarfism Awareness Month, throughout the month of October Caffe Ladro’s 13 Puget Sound locations will shrink its distinctive “tall man” logo on its cups to represent and raise awareness for our community members with dwarfism, also known as skeletal dysplasia. The Edmonds’ Caffe Ladro is located in the Five Corners neighborhood, 8403 Main St.

The tall-sized cups feature a smaller version of Caffe Ladro’s signature man in coat and hat, and include the phrase “Stand Tall for Little People.” Coffee drinkers are being directed to to learn about the campaign.

One in every 15,000 children is born with skeletal dysplasia and 80 percent of those children have average-height parents and siblings. There are a number of genetic causes for skeletal dysplasia, which is a condition resulting when bones are not able to grow to average length. Seattle Children’s Skeletal Dysplasia Clinic, recognized as one of the leading institutions in the Pacific Northwest and nation, focuses on providing world-class, comprehensive care for people of all ages diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia and other rare bone conditions.

“By reducing the size of our logo, Caffe Ladro can increase the awareness of this important issue,” said Jack Kelly, owner of Caffe Ladro. “No matter where you buy your tall drink, we hope you’ll stand tall for little people during October.”

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