Edmonds City Council to meet in executive session again Tuesday


The intrigue continues for the Edmonds City Council Tuesday. Just a week after the Council held an executive session and voted to void a settlement agreement that Mayor Mike Cooper had arranged for his former executive assistant Kim Cole, the Council is set to meet in Executive Session at 7 p.m. (following committee meetings at 6 p.m.). According to the agenda, the subject matter is “to receive and evaluate a complaint or charges brought against a public officer or employee,” and potential litigation. They will reconvene in open session 45 minutes later, for “possible action regarding waiving of attorney client privilege.”

The Committee Meeting agendas are as follows. Note that these meetings are work sessions for the City Council and staff only, open to the public but are not public hearings. The committees will meet in separate meeting rooms as indicated below.
Community Services/Development Services Committee
Location: Council Chambers
A. Presentation of study to update the City’s General Facilities Charges for
utilities by City staff and the FCS Group. (5 Min.)
B. Quarterly Public Works Project Report. (5 Min.)
C. Update on the Professional Services Agreement with RH2 Engineerng Inc.
for the Alderwood Intertie and Reservoir Improvement Project. (5 Min.)
D. Authorization to advertise a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the Dayton
Street and SR104 Storm Drainage Alternatives Study. (5 Min.)
E. Authorization to advertise a Request for Qualifications for the Perrinville
Creek Culvert Replacement at Talbot Road. (5 Min.)
F. Update on utility work in the BNSF right of way at Main Street. (5 Min.)
G. Public Comments (10 Min.)
(3-minute limit person)

Finance Committee
Location: Jury Meeting Room
A. Quarterly report regarding fiber optic opportunities. (5 Min.)
B. General Fund Update – August 2011. (10 Min.)
C. Update on financial policies and reporting. (10 Min.)
D. Public Comments (10 Min.)
(3-minute limit per person)

Public Safety and Human Resources Committee
Location: Police Training Room
A. Report on Marine 16. (10 Min.)
B. Agreement for Child Interview Specialist Services. (10 Min.)

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